09 April 2008

Givinya De Answers - The Great Rubbish Bin Debacle of 2007

Thanks to "Anonymous" for your query in the comments section of 8th April 2008. You pose a question and I feel it's my duty to answer. So I have started a section called "Givinya De Answers" - a Q&A section where I attempt to answer some questions from my loyal readers. This will be similar to the Ask The Dad section in one of my favourite blogs called Looky, Daddy!' but perhaps with fewer laughs. I'm nowhere near as funny as The Dad, but will keep reading him in the hope that some of his Funny will migrate to me.

Oh, by the way, you never did get around to describing the Great Rubbish Bin Debacle referred to on the 4 November last year!

Dear Anonymous,

You are correct in saying that the Great Rubbish Bin Debacle was never described. However it was never described because I thought it was too disgusting to make it into my blog. Until then, my blog had only contained Wiggly multi-tasking, one-eyed fish and weird frog dreams, and the shift from the amusing to the putrescent seemed a little shocking at the time.

However since you ask, and since my blog has been one sordid twist after the other in the Great Bed Bug Chase 2008, it might be time.

It was simply this. After the rubbish bins had been emptied one day, I casually looked into the garbage bin to see if it was empty before I put it back at the side of the house. It was not empty. It had a used nappy (diaper) in the bottom that had come out of the plastic bag it was in and assisted by the General Liquid Yuck that is found in rubbish bins, become fused to the bottom. Of the bin, that is.

A cursory glance would have been less disturbing. I happened to fix my gaze just long enough to notice that this particular nappy was crawling with maggots. In the recent drought and follow-up rain, the flies have been reproducing like crazy, and it's nearly impossible to stop flies laying eggs in previously-closed nappy bags.

These maggots certainly originated in the nappy, but had moved further afield and were making their way up the sides of the bin. I was so repulsed that I blindly dashed around, looking for something to kill them with. I found some laundry bleach. Should I dilute it, I wondered, and how much? I decided that I'd pour some down the sides of the bin, neat. If dilute bleach was to kill them, neat bleach should really do the job.

It didn't. They lived, and swam around in the bleach for hours. The cleanup was so repugnant, that instead of blogging it, I just referred to the Great Rubbish Bin Debacle.

Now that I've typed it out, I wish I'd left it that way.
Wishing you the best, as I remain,
Givinya De Answers.

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Anonymous said...

OK, so some things are best left as an intriguing mystery.

Having said that, in our household (when we lived out of town with no weekly Council rubbish collection service) every now and again we'd leave a packet of rubbish that little bit too long and end up with "Marching rice" in the kitchen. I know of nothing that kills the blighters and the wheelie bin is a much better place for them!

They always seem to escape overnight, too, so that we had to sweep them up from a large part of the house, first thing in the morning. The up side, of course is that Hubby gets up earlier than I do!!!!