12 April 2008

Givinya De Answers - Blue vs Pink

I can't really just leave it at that today can I? Sure, it's looking very grim here. But I have to see if there's something more encouraging to say. At least it will take my mind off my itchies.

I'm loving this Givinya De Answers segment. Thanks for your questions - they brighten my day. Like this one:

Dear Givinya,

I'm a SAHM to 4 lovely boys and I think your Smoochy Girl is really cute - can you give me tips on getting that elusive girl?

Mum 2 4 Boys.
Dear M24Bs,

Firstly: boys are great! So are girls! But if you're really keen to try for something different, here's a true story.

When I was pregnant with Sonny Ma-Jiminy, the home pregnancy test had two blue lines.

When I was pregnant with Smoochy Girl, the home pregnancy test had two pink lines.

I recommend you buy a different brand of test - one with pink lines. I had 100% success with this.

Wishing you the best, as I remain,
Givinya De Answers.

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