13 April 2008

Toothbrush People

Sonny Ma-Jiminy loves brushing his teeth. Just LOVES it! First thing in the morning he asks to brush his teeth, and he does it again and again all through the day: before meals, after meals ... anytime except during meals (when his mouth is otherwise engaged). He doesn't care whose toothbrush he uses, and he certainly doesn't care how much toothpaste mess he makes.

It's cute, it's to be encouraged, but - yuck. What a mess. And what a sharing of germs. I found these cute little toothbrush holders that stick onto the mirror with little suction cups to keep them out of his reach:
Note how my little Toothbrush Person is the only one with a generously rounded chest region. Very appropriate.

The problem I hadn't anticipated however was the trail of 'Toothpaste Yuck' that drips from Sonny's toothbrush after use:

Is it worth it?

Probably not.


Anonymous said...

"Toothbrush trail of yuck" reminds me of my still present "Exorcist trail of Firetruck Red" from my bathroom taps.

For anyone who's interested, my 2 year old emptied a bottle of Firetruck Red food colouring all over my bathroom at 6:30am one day.

It LOOKS like I've cleaned it all, but if the tile grout or the taps get wet, red liquid oozes out. It's very horror film-esque.

The GOOD news is, we had a rent inspection yesterday, and I THINK I'VE GOT AWAY WITH IT.

Crazy Sister

Givinya De Elba said...

But once you're in your new house, the new tenants of your current place will always wonder ....