16 November 2007

Blood and Flames

At the end of the day, I sit down and take it easy. I deserve to, I've usually achieved in one day what other people take a week to achieve. I often think to myself, "I deserve a medal for making it through today!" But as all mothers would know, no medal comes along.

Sure, I have my Minimum Standards Days. Those are the days when I just get the bare minimum of work done in order to say that "we've managed". Each mum has a different minimum standard. For me, I need to keep everyone fed and clothed, and also relatively happy. This means I only do Subsistence Housework, I try to maintain an even temper for at least 85% of the day, and most importantly, I aim to get through the day without seeing BLOOD or FLAMES.
Then there are the days when I can do a little above the bare minimum. My list of things to do at the moment (Consuela is conveniently absent now that there's a LIST) includes getting a plasterer to fix our bathroom ceiling which appears to be falling in, killing the mouse plague that is living in our compost heap, cleaning up the yard after a few weeks of wet weather, and cleaning up the downstairs floor which has been bled on by Puppity Doggity who has been in season (bleeding and locked up inside) for a week.

But I have recently had a headcold and therefore this week has been a Minimum Standards Week. It's been a nightmare, making me wonder how I would ever cope if I was sicker than I have been. Grocery shopping was a trial as both Chubbity Bubbity and Sonny Ma-Jiminy were Little Pressure Cookers of Fury by the time we got to the checkouts. At least Sonny Ma-Jiminy could be re-directed from his tantrum: he was quite happy to go and "pat the plastic dog" (you know - the Guide Dogs donation bin). But Chubbity Bubbity cried and screamed while I put my groceries on the checkout and paid for them.

As I walked away, I realised that the lady behind the checkout DIDN'T say, "Have a nice day," which was very unusual. It was as if she knew that I wasn't going to anyway.

But at least I got through the day without seeing blood or flames!

04 November 2007

These things are sent to try us

I have been sorely tested. And I think I have been found wanting.

Wanting a little more sleep for one thing.

So instead of blogging it, I will go to sleep and write about it all some other day. Probably just as well. You don't want to hear about the family illnesses and the Great Rubbish Bin Debacle right now. And we don't need to hear the word "maggots" this late at night.