24 February 2012

A Present

This Christmas, we told the children that there would be a present for the whole family on the fourth hook above the fireplace.  It took them a while to understand exactly WHAT the present was.

It was Buzz' job was to read the word on the fourth stocking and tell the others what it was.  "BABY?!" he demanded in a scandalised voice.  "What does 'BABY' mean?"  Then the penny dropped and he demanded in an equally scandalised voice, "Are you PREGNANT?!?!"  But when I said yes, he beamed and didn't stop beaming all morning.  Jessie was excited too and started to make plans for all the things she would do with her baby brother or sister.  Woody was excited because everyone else was excited.  After some explanations, he started lifting up my shirt and saying, "How baby doing?"

Baby doing fine, it seems!  Due in July, healthy and happy, and ... the thing that made me so worried about going after our dream of having a fourth baby ... the placenta is well clear of the "exit."  We are so relieved and thankful!

20 February 2012

Toilet Training

Woody is doing pretty well MINUS nappies, PLUS Batman Undies.  I am pretty proud of him.  Today was the first day without any accidents at all - he has a policy of having one accident a day, so today was an achievement.

However some of the successful toilet trips involved some inaccuracies.  The poor little guy, despite trying his best to "point it down in" as he usually does, managed to wet his Batman undies, his shorts, his shirt, the mat on the floor, my capris, my shirt, and worst of all, his fringe (bangs).

Later in the day as I was reflecting on the wet hair, I realised that perhaps I should have washed his face at the time.  Poor little guy.

07 February 2012

The honeymoon is over

School is wonderful and my children love it!

For the first two days.

Then the honeymoon is over.

One morning recently, I was dealing with three children who were all doing their own thing to make the school drop-off as difficult as possible for me.  They try this every day but on this particular day, they actually succeeded in nearly making me cry.

Buzz insisted on riding his bike to school, even though I had to drive the others.  I could tell he was going to be impossible about it, and what was I going to say anyway?  "No, you can't ride, it's too ... exercisey?"  "You are going to sit in the car and be driven to school, it's for your own good?"  So although he's not 100% road-safe and makes scary decisions with regard to crossing at times, I let him ride.  I followed him closely in the car so I could stop, get out and help with the crossings when needed.

Woody wanted to meet up with Buzz as soon as we got into the school carpark.  His mistake was choosing to walk towards Buzz riding up the hill via the extremely busy traffic-filled road.  I wasn't able to catch him until he had walked a scary distance away from the car, because I was too busy dealing with Jessie at that moment.

Jessie is the biggest offender with regard to The Honeymoon Period.  Two days of wonderful fun at school has been followed by a week or more of the most ridiculous displays of over-emotional suffering I have ever witnessed, despite ending each day with a huge smile and reports on how wonderful school is.

Each morning she tries a different ploy to be allowed to stay home.  This particular morning, it was feigning narcolepsy.

She pretended to fall asleep in her carseat and by the time we arrived in the school carpark, the only way I could get her from the car to the footpath was to lead her Weekend-At-Bernies-style by the hand from one to the other.


It's hard to see "Goodbye"

Reading and following blogs tends to result in making friends.  Even if you never meet in real life, even if you remain largely a 'lurker' on someone's blog you follow their joys and struggles, and feel like you've made a friend.

Sometime you walk beside people going through unimaginably difficult times, and you feel enriched by the emotional journey you walk as you pray with them and for them.

Then one day the title of a post in your Reader or Blogroll is simply "Goodbye."  It's hard to see that.

I along with those who 'knew' Susan Niebur am today asking God to receive her strong fighting spirit and give comfort to WhyDaddy, Widget and Little Bear as they grieve her death.

Susan, you are the strongest, most inspirational four-time-cancer-survivor/astrophysicist/mother I've ever known.  You enriched my life as you allowed me to follow your journey.  Thankyou, and Goodbye.