29 April 2008

Good Mum or Bad Mum?

Wah-hoo! Good Mom/Bad Mom featured me on their site. The first indication I had that something had changed in my tiny part of the blogosphere was that the hits to my site had increased overnight. Literally while I slept. When I woke up yesterday morning I had 16 hits since I went to bed, and this was approximately 16 more than usual. Then a friend from Seattle emailed me and congratulated me on being featured. I'm glad she did - I would have freaked out and forgotten to check my visitor's paths on my Stat Counter to find out where they came from.

Thankyou Good Mom/Bad Mom. It's been fun to have so many new visitors!

As of this morning, my pageloads have increased fourfold and my daily count of new visitors has increased tenfold. This means there is an influx of people who are interested in checking out Killing A Fly, but once they've read about why you shouldn't save a used pregnancy test, they're less interested to stay around. Hmm.