04 April 2008

Cautiously optimistic

The bed bug bites continue. Five pest treatments later, we're still getting bitten. We have narrowed it down to Sonny Ma-Jiminy's room now, as it is only the people who sleep in his bed who get bitten. Which is everyone except Smoochy Girl, given that Sonny Ma-Jiminy's is the only proper bed in the house. It's sort of a treat to sleep on it, even if you get the odd small elbow in the back.

We have evacuated everything from his room. Well, nearly everything. And it seems that the word "nearly" is the clue to the "ploblem", as Sonny Ma-Jiminy himself would say.

A few assorted items remain, presumably treated with Ficam powder well enough to kill all bugs remaining on them. Of these assorted items, the following are my list of "Usual Suspects" lined up on the back deck:

  • Exhibit A, bag taken by Hubs to sail around the Whitsundays last November, bought new for the purpose.
  • Exhibit B, Sonny Ma-Jiminy's beloved rail, which kept him from falling out of bed until it was retired to a position under his bed.
  • Exhibit C, bag seldom used, stored in the very top of the cupboard, currently full of pictures in frames.
  • Exhibit D, oil-filled column heater, will be required for use in the next month or so.
  • Exhibit E, flimsy little wooden blackboard, waiting for a suitable time to be presented to Sonny Ma-Jiminy as a gift.
Well your honour, we find Exhibit B guilty as HELL.Objection, the judge cries. We don't find against EXHIBITS! You must name a DEFENDANT!

Stuff due process, there's a nest of bugs inside the rail!

IF we don't get bitten tonight, and IF we don't get bitten tomorrow night, and IF we don't get bitten for a week or 10 days after that, then (and only then) will our lives return to normal. We will tentatively bring our new bed into our house. We will wash every single piece of linen we use on it in tea tree oil (thanks mommastantrum!) We will wash every piece of clothing in hot water and dry it in the sun or in a hot dryer. We will inspect each and every book that is returned to our shelves.

And perhaps we'll sleep with one proverbial eye open for a while.


Life With Jack said...

Hi Givinya! Sorry it's taken me so long to comment on your blog! I am just catching up on all of this bed bug stuff - I am so sorry you guys are going through this. What a hassle! Just looking at the bugs in the bed rail makes my skin crawl...what a nightmare. Praying that this is it for you guys...that you can finally get your home back to "normal" and get rid of those bugs!


Becky said...

Hoorah for finding the wretched nest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE should throw a bed bug party... but only after you have slept bite free for several nights in a row!! I am optomistic for you!