17 April 2008

My dear boy

Early this morning, I heard Sonny Ma-Jiminy shouting something loud. He had his sheet in his mouth at the time so it was a bit muffled, but - there it was again!


Oh no. That's not good.


Sure, there are words out there that are worse, but the thin end of the wedge always has a thick end a short distance away.


I mean, today I'm typing D-A-M-N and tomorrow I'm doing asterisks. So that's not good, is it?

It was then that I noticed he was mumbling something on the end of the D-word. It was fairly unintelligible, being muffled through the sheet he was sucking, but there was certainly something else on the end.

"Damn! Mumblemumblemumble..."

"Say it again, Sonny?"

"Damn! Mmblmmblmmbl..."

I took the sheet out of his mouth and asked him to repeat it. And my dear boy said,

"BAM! And the oven is gone!"

This has become a catch-cry of our family since my recent post about the oven cleaner: check it out here.

And I thought my dear boy was cursing into the early morning! Sorry, little feller. You dear little thing.


mommastantrum said...

Damn!! That is too funny!!

Now I am the only one with a swearing Toddler though!!

Maybe I need a class on "How not to swear at the drop of a hat"