15 April 2008

And now for something completely different ... a leaky sewer.

The council workers are here right now, fixing *something* that goes from *somewhere* to *somewhere else* and got broken *somehow* spilling sewerage all over our front lawn. Bless their hearts.

I apologise that due to the lack of outside material, this poor sad sorry little blog has reflected the downward spiral that has been our poor sad sorry little lives in 2008. I must say, that this P.S.S.L. Blog is the only thing that's kept me going. So THANKYOU to all my readers who faithfully log on and show that I'm making a few people out there laugh a bit.

You're laughing AT ME, yes I know, but that's something.

But my subtitle is just a puff of wishful thinking, isn't it? "A mother's thoughts on happiness and the numerous distractions from it." Hah! Happiness? Come on! When was the last time I posted about anything but the "numerous distractions"?

Now I must tell you, I'm not planning to change either the title or the subtitle at this stage. But I've been playing with a few ideas and I'd like you to let me know what YOU'D change it to if you had the power.

Here are a few headers: does anything seem good to you?

Please vote for your favourite.

What's your pick?
Killing A Fly (bad hair day)
Dead Flies in the Strings Section
Ukulele Fly (more distraction)
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mommastantrum said...

This should take your mind off of the sewer for a while...http://mommastantrum.blogspot.com/2008/04/five-more.html (you've been tagged!!)

And I voted for the last one!!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Sonny-ma-Jiminy's clothes throwing onto the wet front lawn could have been worse. If he'd done it this day all Hubby's clothes could have been wet, muddy and containing traces of something that shouldn't be released from the sewerage system until after significant treatment!

...And let's face it, no matter how many times those clothes had been washed, they still would have smelt of someone else's excreta.

Sorry to be the 'Always look on the bright side' person... but it could have been SERIOUSLY worse!

On the other hand, your day definitely had a large component of *%@*. (and not the kind that gets on the path courtesy of SmJ - now other people in your street are out to get you!)