08 April 2008

I never thought this day would come

Is that a light at the end of our tunnel? We have a new bed! Look at it!It's new, it's bed-bug-free, and it's OURS! We might not have to sleep on the floor or the couch or the air mattress for much longer! I never thought I'd see the day.

That single-bed-shaped object on the slats is Sonny Ma-Jiminy's mattress topper. I've done a lot of washing of sheets, blankets, doonas, doona covers, mattress protectors, mattress toppers, pillows, pillow cases and clothes recently. And it is therefore I who the farmers have to thank for the lovely rain we've been receiving. No problems - don't mention it. My house is filled with sheets, blankets, doonas, etc., draped over things while attempting to get dry.

Now I'm afraid that as the bed bugs leave our lives, so too will the blog posts. By my count, the number of posts I've made about these bed bugs has now exploded violently into double figures. It's kept me posting, it's kept you reading, and now I'm worried that both will stop. What do you want me to talk about now?!? I haven't flashed myself recently, and I've run out of one-eyed fish!

What will I blog about now? Maybe I'll just have to post pictures of my kids hating the post-bath crazy hair. Here's Smoochy Girl, plus crazy hair, minus smoochy.


Becky said...

Hehe smoochy girls looks so cute with crazy hair!!
Your bed looks glorious!!!!!!
Keep blogging! Even if I am the only one who reads your posts :)

Anonymous said...

So, Sooo glad that you are in near view of the bed bug free existence. Sorry to send the rain all down your way (would quite like to have kept some more for ourselves!) I agree that you should keep blogging. Even if you only have a readership of 2. Surely those kids have got to be good for some giggles. Jen.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, you never did get around to describing the Great Rubbish Bin Debacle referred to on the 4 November last year!

Givinya De Elba said...

Thanks both for the comments you post - you'd be surprised - I have heaps of readers (63 page loads from 13 different readers yesterday!), but not many commenters (no comments yesterday). And in the world of blogging, that's okay.

People who read and don't comment are called "lurkers" and we don't mind - in fact we're happy for all those who read us! But it's even more awesomely cool to get comments! That makes it ten times as fun.

Keep lurking if it's your desire to lurk! But drop me a line if you think you might like to de-lurk and make a comment one day. I'd love to hear from you!

Click on "View My Stats" if you're interested to see how many readers are hanging around.

mommastantrum said...

I love the "one-eyed" fish story!! And I am sure that with TWO toddlers you will have no shortage of things to blog about.

(Heck I have one and almost my whole first year was about poop!!! And with Sonny's sidewalk poop obsession that alone is due to produce some great side splitting laughs for us all!!)

And then when they are old and in high school piercing their lips and spiking their hair you can laugh at the days when they pooped on the sidewalk and the carpet!!