30 April 2008

A few random things

I got an enormous fright yesterday. I was changing the cot sheets when I saw what I thought was blood-spotting from bed bugs IN THE ONLY BED THAT HASN'T BEEN AFFECTED BY THE HORRIBLE THINGS!!! Sometimes I just need to take a closer look.

And today, Smoochy Girl was trying desperately to get into the cardboard box on the coffee table. We keep our piles of papers and coffee-table junk in there so she can't keep tossing the lot onto the floor. It's too high for her to get her little hands into. Or not.

The cheeky little monkey.


Becky said...

HAHA Thats so cheeky!!

mommastantrum said...

That looks like someone here.

You are going to have your hands dang full very quickly.

PS - pic is not "manish" the dead fly one was hysterical though.