14 April 2008

Happy Birthday Smoochy Girl!

My Dear Girl,

A year ago at 9:30am, the midwives, registrars and even the consultant said I was in pre-labour. This was right. They also said I had plenty of time to wait until you were born. This was wrong.

You were coming. I knew you were coming. And if I'd trusted my instincts, we wouldn't have had to jump in the car in a mad panic at 3:00pm and do that crazy dash to the hospital, park the car, walk across the street, go down one floor, and get to Birth Suite in time for you to violently explode out of me at 3:16pm.

I'll never forget that sensation of giving birth quickly. One day, you'll see a movie in which there's a graphic depiction of an air bag explosively deploying with a loud "Pkwhwwwrtt" noise. And you won't believe me when I tell you that THAT is what it was like.

The year since then has been a good many things. But overall, it's been wonderful having you here. Thankyou for brightening our family with your giggle, and melting us with your little baby words.

Your first birthday was a low-key event, but I hope you enjoyed it. You opened presents from your friends and family, had a dear little baby girl cousin born, and at night time we had a special birthday dinner.
You ate a huge amount of your roast chicken and veggies.You were privileged to receive a strawberry cake that looked half-decent. And you had some gingerbread birthday wishes that tasted pretty good too.
You loved your cake. That's fresh whipped cream and strawberries, for any readers who are sitting there aghast, thinking that's a thick layer of icing [frosting].

We love you Smoochy Girl. Here's to many more years of happiness.

Love from Dad and Mum, and Sonny Ma-Jiminy.


Becky said...

Yay!! Happy first birthday smoochy girl!!

Life With Jack said...

Happy First Birthday to your baby girl!!! She is just adorable. :)