12 October 2007

Frog Dreams - A Key To Your Subconscious?

I woke up this morning to the sound of frogs. We've had a bit of rain recently, after many years of drought. And the little froggies have patiently waited, baked into the dry soil, for some rain like this. It doesn't take long for them to wake up, re-hydrate or whatever they do, and start croaking.

And as I lay there in the early morning light listening to the croaking, I realised that this must be why I had The Frog Dream.

It was stupid. Dreams always are. And I never dream proper storylines, I just dream situations. Nothing ever actually HAPPENS in my dreams; I just find myself in certain places with particular people and ... that's it!

In this Frog Dream, I found a frog and decided to release it outside. I was hoping it would find a home in the bushes or something, I don't know. Anyway as I let it go, I saw that I'd released it into a writhing pile of toads. And that bothered me because in my hazy dream-reality, there's a rule that you must never mix frogs with toads. I cannot tell you why. Nothing bad seemed to happen to either the frog or the toads, but I woke with a vague feeling of unease, knowing that I'd put a frog in with a pile of toads.

And this reminded me of the best Frog Dream I've ever heard. My Crazy Sister once had a dream that a frog had crawled up her pants leg and got itself firmly lodged up under her buttock. It remained stuck and thrashed wildly about trying to get out. Crazy Sister then woke up and realised that she actually had a Massive Buttock Twitch that then persisted well into the next day.

Her subconscious had perceived this Gluteous-Twitchus-Maximus and decided that in order to make sense of it, a Frog Dream was needed.

Sometimes I worry what we'd uncover if we ever broke into her subconscious.


Crazy Sister said...

At the time this greatly bothered me, but now I'm older and more positive and I find myself sending up (or down) a thankyou to my left buttock, which has given me a lifetime of No Massive Sustained Twitches.

Givinya De Elba said...

What?! You speak to your buttock? Insane.