25 September 2008

Nanna Night

Do you remember a long time ago I won an eBay auction for a nifty little Bingo Set?

The whole purpose was so that we could use it when playing Bingo with the camp kids on Nanna Night - the theme night on Tuesday 23rd September 2008.

That was the whole purpose.

Well, we forgot to take it. But all's well that ends well because Mr de Elba bought a blue plastic one from a shop close to camp.

I'll tell you about Nanna night and show you some pictures that were taken with my phone, which mercifully has low resolution and blurs badly in low-light.

The hall was decorated in Nanna-ish fabric ...and campers and leaders dressed as The Elderly ... and it didn't really matter what gender of elderly person they dressed as ...
I had to crop that, to protect our guitar player's identity. But those of us who know him are left in no doubt.

Mr de Elba did a hilarious job of bingo-calling on the night (with his tie tucked into his hiked-up Grampa Slacks), and was assisted by a colleague whose blue wig was a little less Nanna and a lot more Cookie Monster.
Whenever a number was called, two or three tables of heavily-disguised teenagers and young adults jumped into the air, whooping, cheering and stabbing the air with redundant walking sticks.

Good times.


Tracy P. said...

What a great idea!! I will have to pass it on to our youth leaders.

Glad you're back AND that it wasn't a real fire!

stefanie said...

Great idea! Around here it would be called MomMom and PopPop night, but the idea translates in any culture. It looks like so much fun, I might even put on the old bathrobe, slippers and curlers.

Joy in the Burbs... said...

Looks like all were having a great time. I forwarded this to our youth leader also. I might suggest this for one of s.s. class socials. Although some of us probably aren't far from the real thing. :) It also reminded me of a tradition at our elementary school...on the 100th day of school. All the first graders dress up like 100 year old people and parade thru the school. It is soooo cute.

Hippomanic Jen said...

I can't believe that you forgot the Bingo set. That is so de Elba. Glad it was a good night anyway, and that you didn't bring back any parasites with you.

Givinya De Elba said...

Can't guarantee that yet! Currently drowning in piles of laundry.

Crazy Sister said...

That is hilarious. Is it strictly politically correct?

I used to teach piano to a grandma who wore red toenail polish.

Anonymous said...


check out http://coxfamily-sissy.blogspot.com/2008/09/almost-famous.html I labeled you 'brilante'!

Jen said...

that is great.

Swift Jan said...

I'd recognise those pins ANYWHERE!! LOL A great costume haha!!

Nana night looked like fun!! I suspect a big hairy youth pastor from our church may use that idea again!!