25 September 2008

Ten Vegetables

We are back from our camp. We had a great time although it was exhausting for me with both children being a little crazy to deal with. The camp finishes tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, but as I am working tomorrow and the kids were in need of some normal life, we came home a day earlier than everyone else.

The camp food was pretty good (for camp food) but it still wasn't what we're used to. And it was a complete eye-opener to see teenagers come to the table having refused the vegetables, with just a large slop of "mashed potato" (didn't taste like the stuff I make at home though!) and a giant fatty, spicy sausage perched on top with the whole lot smothered in tomato sauce. I couldn't resist saying that the kitchen staff had ripped them off by forgetting their veggies. The kids replied, "Oh I don't like veggies. Any anyway, there's potato. That's a vegetable." I didn't know how to tell them that it really was artificial whipped muck, so I gave up.

My own tiny kids didn't eat well during the week and this was partly due to the fact that the highschool kids bought bucketloads of rubbishy lollies at the canteen and fed them to Sonny Ma-Jiminy and Smoochy Girl. They did this because they were being kind and generous, but I cringed to see their little mouths consume rubbish they'd never known in their short lives.

Anyway, I brought them home and made a large chicken casserole with TEN different vegetables and served it up on rice. They ate it very quickly and asked for seconds. Then they asked for oranges for dessert.

Aaah, we're home. And Mummy is BACK IN TOWN, people!


Crazy Sister said...

TEN different vegetables? Wacky doo.

HATE lolly givers.

Givinya De Elba said...

Onion, potato, pumpkin, broccoli, beans, zucchini, capsicum, squash, corn and carrots. Chicken thigh fillets, a tin of chopped tomatoes and a sachet of Masterfoods Italian Chicken Casseerole flavour base, all in the slow cooker. Mmm.

Jen said...

First that sounds like an awesome dish. I am not sure what all the veggies are but I am going to try something similar.

Second, Hayden and the babies do the same thing. After a couple days of eating crap he will actually ask for broccoli for snack.

Good to know that we are doing something right.

Heather said...

I was never more proud of my kiddo than the time when, while lunching at a friend's house, she looked at the various bowls of things on the table as well as the bag of cookies and piped up brightly "Oh Mommy, please oh PLEASE may I have some grapes for dessert?" Her friends were all "Dude, GRAPES aren't dessert, *cookies* are dessert, what are you, nuts?!" to which her response was "Grapes are juicy and sweet and delicious and fruit is ALWAYS my favorite dessert."

Yes, she made me look very good in front of the other moms and dads, some of whom were positively slack-jawed in wonder at her words. On the other hand, WHAT is wrong with my child that she will turn down CHOCOLATE CAKE in favor of fruit, as she did at a restaurant while we were on vacation? I mean, seriously, chocolate cake - something we only have on birthdays around our house - and she said "no thanks" and requested fruit instead.

Glad you had a good time camping and welcome home! :)

Swift Jan said...

heather - WOW!

Your yummy dinner sounded amazing!! I am glad the kids enjoyed it!
Welcome home :)

Oreste said...

Hello Givinya, a salute from Rome. Ciao

Amanda said...

That's so depressing. Not your food - that sounds great! The even more depressing thing is that these teenagers grow into adults who only eat junk food. On holiday in Greece once, we found that the hotel put on a buffet of lovely Greek food but also had a 'kids section' where hot dogs, pizzas and burgers were always available (with chips/fries, naturally). Unfortunately a lot of the clientèle for that section were fully-grown people. Just sad.