29 September 2008

One Week until Kitchen Day

It's now one week until our old kitchen is removed and our new one will be put in. How MUCH are we looking forward to our new kitchen? A LOT.

Our old 1974 kitchen is very hard to store anything in. Most of the cupboards are far too shallow to put plates in and there are hardly any spots to store large things like the frypan or slow cooker.

The corner for the fridge was planned in days when fridges were much smaller. The corner cupboard was an innovation from a time when there was nothing better to do with awkward corner space than to make it more awkward.

The new kitchen will make much better use of the space, giving me more storage space while opening the room up a lot more.

I would like to post a picture of our old kitchen and the plans of the new one, but at the moment, a photo of our old kitchen would be too embarrassing.

Since we decided on the new kitchen, a few things have broken in our old one. I was boiling something on the stovetop one day when I attended to Sonny Ma-Jiminy and it boiled over. Boiling water somehow got into the internal workings of the oven and I heard crackling noises in there.

I peeked into a small hole in the front (left after the front glass cover was smashed when I dropped a heavy dishh into it) and saw sparks flying around in there. The oven was then switched off and it won't be making a reappearance.

Imagine cooking for a month with no cooktop or oven! I've had to think of meals to cook without them. But there is a great variety of things you can make with a rice cooker, slow cooker, frypan, toasted sandwich maker and pie maker.

Here's something else that happened since we said 'Yes' to the new kitchen - check out our kitchen tap.

Now call me crazy, but I don't think it's supposed to do THIS.


Hippomanic Jen said...

I can't wait to hear that you've got your new kitchen. I'm so excited for you.

Crazy Sister said...

Disappointed not to have a picture of a fountain of water.

Jen said...

Yeah I am pretty sure that the sink is not suppose to look that way.
I am so happy for you that your renovation is going to start soon. Here's hoping that is gets done on time.

Lynda said...

Yikes - a new kitchen is definitely in order!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Looks familiar. We just had to replace one just like that. I have a nice new shiny fancy fawcett

Swift Jan said...

I can relate to your tap!! Ours did this for a while, but because our tap comes off the wall... I ALWAYS wore the water fountain! Nice...
Swift Jim's Dad screwed it in for us LOL... I wonder how long it will last?

YAY for a new kitchen :)

Amanda said...

That's so bizarre. My new kitchen is going in this week and exactly the same thing happened to my old kitchen tap a month ago. I think it's the old kitchen's way of saying 'How dare you think I need replacing?'.

I do still have a cooker though. In fact it's the ONLY thing I've had in my kitchen for two weeks now (you can see the current state of it here). I've never had a new kitchen before and I'm really excited too!