15 September 2008

Just. Can't. Win.

I have been a bit worried these last few months. Will I be happy with Sonny Ma-Jiminy's new kindy when he starts next year (late January on this side of the earth)? It's much closer to home. The teacher couldn't possibly be as particular as his current teacher. And if I'm not happy with it, what does that make me? A difficult-to-please mother?

I felt a weight lift off me last Friday. I submitted my form to Sonny's current kindy saying thanks for 2008, but in 2009 Sonny Ma-Jiminy will attend a kindy that's closer to home. Then I called the new kindy and spoke to a LOVELY aide. She said that everyone was just about to head off on an excursion, but that if I called later, they'd be happy to answer my questions about next year.

I decided to leave my contact details in an email to the centre, and had a happy weekend.

Then this morning, I received a phone call. The voice at the other end was pushy, harsh and crusty.

Me: Good morning, it's [Givinya].

Her: Can I speak to - [realised it was me she wanted to speak to] - oh it's [Name] from the kindergarten. I got your email. I haven't done the ringing round for next year yet.

Me: That's alright, I was just making a few enquiries so I can work out which days ...

Her: That's what I'm saying. I don't know the days yet. I haven't done the ringing round yet.

Me: Oh.

Her: I can't tell you if he'll be in the 2-day group or the 3-day group.

Me: Well he's already done a year in the 2-day group at a different kindergarten ...

Her: I don't know if he'll be in the 2-day group or the 3-day group or if he will get in or if he won't get in at all.

Me: Er, not even if he's on the waiting list?

Her: No. See I need to work out which people want to pull out to see if I can give you a place. It all depends on when you put him down on the waiting list. When did you put his name down on the waiting list?

Me: I put his name down in late 2005. He was the first on the list. You had to rule up a new page for me.

Her: I'm going to start ringing round tonight. It's going to take me about 4 weeks to ring everybody and work it all out.

Me: Okay, thanks anyway.

I don't want to be that mother: the one who is always complaining, always unhappy with the teachers, always wanting some better solution. But wow. That woman was bad. And she's the director of the centre.

Or is it something else? Is it just that I haven't yet found a teacher who isn't anal and who isn't harsh?

Are there nice ones out there?

Do I have to have Sonny home with me next year so I don't kill a kindy teacher from frustration?


Jen said...

my thoughts are coming at you. ;)

Heather of the EO said...

Be THAT mother. You only get that chance for so long in this life.

Really, that woman WAS bad.
It stinks and I'm sorry. She's the director? Hmmmm...
that would make me think to the point of blogging about it too.

Suse said...
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Swift Jan said...

UNfortunatly she WILL be the one spending the most time with Sonny....

Have you tried any other kindys?

tinsenpup said...

I...have...been...there. I'd almost be willing to bet there's a good homeschooling group somewhere near you. Not necessarily trying to recruit or anything. I know it's a fairly radical solution and all. Just saying.

Crazy Sister said...

I'm pretty sure homeschooling sonny would kill you, expecially while you have clients, so let's just say that the director was REALLY stressed that day because she'd just dealt with one of THOSE mums.

The director probably went home and had a good cry about her crummy day, and once you two meet, she'll realise you're one of the good ones and Sonny will LOVE next year.

Givinya De Elba said...

STOP PRESS ... I was just at my sink thinking how I hadn't had a call from that lady, and how I WAS up the top of the list, and how bad the whole situation was when the phone rang.

"That'll be the kindy lady," I thought. And it was. And she was nice. Crazy Sister was right - she must have been confised or vague or hassled on the phone this morning.

And Sonny has a place in the 3-day group with a different lady who was reported to be "very nice."

But I'll still do a little bit of research first. That's okay isn't it?

tinsenpup said...

Um...yes...that's exactly what I MEANT to say: "crummy day"; "Sonny will LOVE next year" and all that... :)

Givinya De Elba said...

Aw, I appreciated your first comment! We'll try the kindy thing. I know know the name of his teacher and there's an info night to go to. After that, if everything looks grim, I'll chat to you about homeschooling!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Geesh, how does she stay in business while being that nasty?

Heather said...

Speaking as one who is most definitely one of THOSE moms, I say that is always the way to go.

That being said (I'm catching up from a few posts back here today), I'm glad that when she called again, she was lovely and that Sonny's teacher for next year has a good rep. My kiddo's teacher likewise had a good rep (via word-of-mouth from things like neighborhood moms of kids now past kindy and moms at gymnastics class, etc), and she has turned out to be spectacular and I adore her, as does my kid. But really, which one of us counts more, hee hee?

Here's hoping that Sonny has a fantabulous time come January, and that the closer location is fantabulous, too!