04 September 2008

Cutting Corners

Do you ever cut corners? You're just so busy with so many things on your plate that you just take the easy and quick option? This is how I live, people.

Sometimes I have a small enough load of washing that I just pile it all into the machine and wash it rather than saving up more washing, sort it into whites/colours or cleanish/filthy or adults/kids etc. The problem here is that as I tip the laundry into the machine, I don't check through the pile to find things that shouldn't go through the wash.

When I put a few toys through the wash, I felt a bit dumb. But they survived.

When I put the car key through the wash, I felt really dumb. But it survived. The first time it did, anyway. Yes, the first and second time. Not the third time though. It's remote locking system is shot.

When I put my credit card through the wash in the back pocket of my jeans, I felt frustrated. Hadn't I learned my lesson? But it survived being washed. And being washed again. And again. And again and again and again. And again. It just kept on getting washed, with the only damage suffered being that my signature washed off the back. It even survived a trip through the dryer. I'm not sure how.

When I put a disposable nappy through the wash, I discovered what it was like to have a Winter Wonderland in your washer.

And today, most probably thanks to small fingers dropping objects into my washing basket coupled with my propensity for cutting corners, I put something absurd through the wash. Something that made the nappy mess look tame.

The closest guess wins. (Wins what, you ask? Wins ... err ... the prestige. Of winning.)


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

one of those stuffed animals fill with those little bitty white balls? I did that.

I have washed toy cars, keys, my husbands pocket knife, the above mentioned toy, rocks, money, my drivers license, and a phone.


I've washed a cell phone, a gameboy, and countless other things.

Mum-me said...

Paper towels?
Toilet paper?
Am I getting close?
I'm trying to think of something worse than disposable nappy.
Something feathery?
Wheat heat pack?
Cotton wool?

I give up.

Amanda said...

I once blocked our washing machine when a breast pad went through into its innards. The washing machine repair guy was mystified as to what the object was - then highly embarrassed when I explained. I love making grown men blush!

Jen said...

I do that same thing. It drives my mom nuts that I don't sort my wash. I say why? I have washed my husband wallet more times than I can count and the other day, I washed his cell phone. I say its his fault b/c he didn't clean his pockets.

My guess are dirty nappy. Oh and I have washed one of those too.

Heather of the EO said...

bubble gum
regular gum
candy of some kind
like a sucker

TheMama said...

Having absentmindedly run a panty liner through the wash myself, I feel for you and your washer.

I'm going to go with a PB&J, though I'm really hoping you guys don't have small pets...

PsychMamma said...

An ink pen?
A magic marker?
Ketchup packets?
Tube of toothpaste?
Kidney beans?
Tootsie rolls?

Trying to think of everything my tot would love to throw in or would hid in the laundry basket.....

I once washed the baby monitor. It didn't survive.

Swift Jan said...

OOOH this sounds bad!

PLease tell!! I cant imagine worse than a sposie nappy either...

May be glitter or the toilet brush?

Beth said...

Hmmm...let's see,

I've washed lots of spare change, quite a number of paper bills (I tease my family about our "laundered" money) plenty of tissues (what a mess!) lots of random pieces of paper. Um, what else? Last week I accidentally put in a baby pillow that I forgot needed mending and got pillow fluff all over the place. Once, only once - I washed a ball point pen...and that was *before* we had kids. Always remember to double check your husband's pockets, even if he says he checked them. I've washed small toys.

So... something horribly messy? Crayons, candy, chewing gum, cheerios (or other old cereal), old cheese (my son wanders with his food), markers, paint pots, glue bottle (that would be horrible), permanent marker (yikes, that would really do it).

OK - I voter for permanent marker as much much worse. So do tell.... we're all dying of curiosity!

Beth said...

ahem, that would be I "vote" for - it's been quite a week for me here with school starting this week...

Mrs. Tantrum said...

Puppity Dog?

No, I would bet it was a black permanent marker. That has happened here once or four times. Now I sort all the laundry...and search all the pockets for treasure. If I find it I get to keep it!

I make all my money that way!

Crazy Sister said...

A barrier contraceptive device?