09 September 2008

Happy Birthday Mr de Elba

Happy Birthday to the Daddy who makes the BEST Shrek Band-Aids!Here's what your son said this morning:

Sonny Ma-Jiminy: I've got a headache.
Me: Oh no, that's not good.
SMJ: It's from eating too much ice-cream.
Me: Wha-? But we've just had breakfast. You didn't eat any ice-cream. You can't have an ice-cream headache.
SMJ: I can. I ate too much ice-cream, and now I've got an Ice-Cream Headache. (pause) ... And a Bean Headache. From eating too many beans.
Me: Riiight.


Tracy P. said...

Oh, where can I get a package of those Shrek bandaids? We need some at our house!!

Did Mr de E serve a little breakfast of his own before the Mrs got up? (Or was it Sonny MJ who served an ice cream breakfast to Daddy for his birthday?) That boy has a headache because his brain is so busy!! :-)

Happy Birthday Mr de E!

WheresMyAngels said...

Happy Birthday to him!

tinsenpup said...

Ugh, I think I have a mess headache...from too much...yeah, you get the idea.

Crazy Sister said...

Happy Birthday, Mr Bandaid Maker Man.

I guess, to go with the theme, I have a Zinc Cream headache! (See my blog)

Swift Jan said...

Nice bandaid!! LOve it!!

Happy Birthday Mr de Elba :)

Jen said...

Aw, Happy Birthday. I hope it is an awesome day.
Hayden totally wants one of those band-aids. He is so jealous and screaming on the floor right now b/c he can't have one.

Heather said...

First of all, Happy Birthday to Mr. de Elba!

Now, for his birthday, I've given YOU a blog award:


Cheers! :)

Zen Ventures said...

That's just way too logical for a kid! :) I don't know where they get all this intelligent ideas, do you?!

Joy in the Burbs... said...

I have never, ever thought of drawing a picture on a bandaid. See this is what blogging is all about. The things we can learn from each other...I'm so impressed. I'm just waiting on the next skinned knee to show off this new idea.
That Mr. de Elba is definitely a keeper. Congratulations on your decade of marriage. You two are lovely together.