10 September 2008

Waking up is hard to do

It's so hard waking up from a daytime sleep. Sonny Ma-Jiminy, Smoochy Girl and I all had a sleep after a busy morning (and in my case, less than one hour sleep overnight due to an incredibly unwise cup of caffeinated coffee at about 8pm.)

Smoochy woke up first and I put her in the shower because she'd had a haircut just before her nap, and had cut hair on her neck. I used that time to try to wake up. After the shower, Smooch was a bright as a button but I still felt like roadkill.

Sonny isn't allowed to sleep too long or too deeply during the day. I'm sure you can guess what happens to the nighttime sleep when he has 3 hours of deep deep sleep starting at midday or 1pm. So my policy is to wake him up after an hour or so, but he's not at his best after being woken.

Today we had one of those totally absurd conversations that only occur between two totally exhausted people who don't want to waste words or do more than the bare minimum.

Me: Would you like something to eat?
SMJ: Yeah. Fruit. (All manners float away while you sleep.)
Me: Here's a bowl of chips (much easier to prepare than cutting up fruit.)
SMJ held bowl of chips in hands, then as if paralysed, dropped bowl upside-down on floor.
SMJ (angrily): You gave me too much! (Started crying.)

Surreal. And very hard to know how to respond when you're 2/3 asleep yourself. As it was, I decided to pick up the chips and eat the best-looking ones myself. And blog it.

Something tells me that those were not the correct responses. I think I must still be half asleep.



This sounds like much of my family's interactions...I work nights and I'm most always sleep-deprived!

tinsenpup said...

Yes, you just very nicely summed up why I almost never nap. But then there's this...
1am conversation with two seven-year-olds:
Girl: Let's talk.
Me: What do you want to talk about?
Boy: Neurophysics.
Me: Aha...well maybe you could talk about neurophysics and we could listen, because I don't know much about neurophysics.
Boy: Do you know anything about ordinary physics?
Me: Um...a little bit...
Boy: Well tell us something about physics.
Me: Um...What goes up must come down.
Boy: Hmmm...Very true. Yes, very true.
Girl: Except your age!
Me: Mmm, good point...
What perverse trick of nature causes their little brains to start firing about 30 minutes after mine has ceased to function entirely?

Crazy Sister said...

Oh, those stories are too funny! Too much chips? Neurophysics? The closest story I can think of is that one time when Harpo woke from a nap, he croaked that he'd been asleep for hundreds of years and was now going to explode.

Jen said...

Been there. I would have done the same thing but I would have probably eaten them all.

Swift Jan said...

I hope you can catch up on some sleep soon!!

Life With Jack said...

Hahaha!!! That sounds exactly like the kind of interaction that takes place at our house when someone (or two someones) are still waking up. I can't stop laughing. I hope you enjoyed your chips. :)