12 September 2008

Perhaps I should have worn a dress?

My Crazy Sister just reminded me of a very weird afternoon I had once when I was in college. I'm very tired, so I'll make this brief.

I was walking home at dusk when a man rode up beside me on a bicycle. We were rather close. He looked me straight in the eye and cheerfully greeted me, "Hello, Richard."

And it was then that I first suspected that I wasn't as attractive a woman as I initially thought.

Immediately following that, I walked into a thick cloud of gnats.



Lynda said...

Awwww, maybe he needed glasses?

Jen said...

total craziness. I think that you need to go to bed.

tinsenpup said...

My mother used to sticky tape a pink bow to my sister's head when she was a baby to avoid misunderstandings like this. Maybe you could try that. I don't think it's necessary though. I dare say the deficit lay with him and not your beautiful self.

Crazy Sister said...

Moments like that you don't forget.

Dementia may strike you in a few decades and you'll forget Sonny and Smoochy's names, but you'll tell anyone who'll listen,

"Did I ever tell you young folk about the time someone called me Richard right to my face and then I walked into a cloud of gnats?"

Givinya De Elba said...

And people will just think I'm rambling about something that didn't actually happen.