31 May 2008

Is this a possum which I see before me, the tail toward my car?

New mothers often wonder why babies cry so much, and can't sleep for long stretches without requiring their parents' input.

I don't wonder anymore. I know why.

Babies require regular input because mothers must not be allowed to sleep for long periods of time. Certainly they must never be allowed to sleep and sleep until they have enough and are fully rested. And this is why:

If a mother allowed her body to sleep until it woke up of its own accord, she would starve to death.


And now on to something completely different.

I was driving the kids home late last night and I saw something interesting.

You don't often see possums in town, but they are around. I thought the kids would love to see their first possum.

I noticed it sitting in a front yard of a quiet street as I zoomed along so I stomped on the brake and backed the car up. It was worth it, I thought, to see the possum.

Sonny Ma-Jiminy wriggled out of his seat so he could get a better look. I started talking about possums.

It was then that I realised it was a domestic cat.

I stopped mid-possum-sentence, muttered, 'Nevermind,' and drove off.



mommastantrum said...

Well it was DARK, and LATE, and cats and possums are related. So you were close. And really really tired.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

That explains it. Now I know why I have not slept for fourteen years. That possum story is too funny. BTW y'all's possums are cuter than the ones here in Texas.

Headless Mom said...

Hi! Here from AllMed...

I LOVE the title of your blog! And I can't wait to come back!

That sleep you were talking of? I must have some before church worship rehearsal very early in the morning!

See you again soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I fell asleep standing up a while back. It felt very werid. I remember the comedian Paul Reiser saying that when he became a new dad he would look at scantily clad women in men's magazines and think, "Man that bed looks comfortable."

Givinya De Elba said...

Strangely, I know that's you CrazySister, even though you didn't sign your name. And you're right about Paul Reiser, and Paul was right about exhaustion!

Mum-me said...

Hi, I found your blog through blogtations, and have just re-quoted your quote on my blog, because that is exactly how I feel all the time!!

And imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link to this post and found a picture of an aussie possum - nice to 'meet' another Australian blogger!