04 May 2008

Google Talk - it's the new ... TALK

At the end of a long day, Hubs is often found working on his computer downstairs. I am often found wasting time on my computer upstairs. And we're not shouters.

Therefore, rather than shout to each other, much less WALK down/upstairs if we have something to say, we tend to converse via Google Talk. This suits us. Some of our best conversations are via Google Talk while we sit at different desks, 15 metres apart.

Like this one tonight while I was comfy in the recliner wasting time with my laptop:

Me: Did you want a cup of tea?

Hubs: Yeah that'd be awesome thanks!

Me: No, I meant will you be coming up to make yourself one because I need the TV remote and I can't reach it.
See? Speech is redundant.

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mommastantrum said...

Hubby can't understand why I want a Blackberry. It is so I can surf the net while he does, and then send him messages to get me things from the fridge. Boys are so dense.

(That and I can't live without blogging while we are away on business. W/a Blackberry I can blog everywhere!!)