09 May 2008

Some Cool Cousins

To celebrate this being my 100th blog post, I thought I'd tell you about two of Sonny Ma-Jiminy's and Smoochy Girl's cousins.

I must hasten to add they have fourteen other cousins, each of which is totally cool in their own right. But I have only sought parental consent to chat about these two, so here we go.

My Crazy Sister has two lovely kids. Kindy Kid Cousin (4) says the deadset funniest things I've ever heard come out of any kid's mouth with the possible exception of his own mother. Cukky-Dargles (2) gets her pseudonym from her pronunciation of 'crocodiles' in which she is very interested and of which she is terrified.

I took this picture of Cukky-Dargles playing on the lawn last Christmas. It was meant to be about her. It wasn't until I reviewed my photos at the end of the day that I realised that it's really about the gnome. The gnome and his facial expression.
Her big brother, Kindy Kid Cousin, is thinking ahead.

KKC: Mum, if Daddy broke both of his arms and you broke both of your arms and Cukky-Dargles broke both of her arms and I broke both of my arms, what would happen?"

My Crazy Sister (laughing): Well, you're the one making up this story. What do you think would happen?

KKC: Well, I would dial Zero-Zero-Zero by using my toes.

* 000 is the telephone number for Emergency Services in Australia.


Anonymous said...

I love that photo. Cukky-Dargles is just the kind of girl to show her knickers to a Gnome.

(Don't forget that Chubbity Bubbity is "Smoochy Girl" now.)

Crazy Sister

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've never seen such an early example of swimming out of water. She is growing up to take after Aunty Givinya's friend who used to go swimming on the carpet with the aid of Neil, the ergonomic chair. Cool!

It also occurs to me that the phrase 'knickers to a Gnome' (from Crazy Sister's comment above) could be worked into an alliterative tongue twister. Any takers?


Givinya De Elba said...

I know, I know, I KNOW! I saw that I'd called her Chubbity Bubbity 15 minutes after posting, fixed it up immediately, then saw 2 comments ALREADY! I just knew it'd be a smarty pants or two telling me I'd stuffed up! Thanks Crazy, you're right (as usual!)

Givinya De Elba said...

If your child's at Grandma's home,
Showing knickers to a gnome,
Cukky-Dargles ... Cukky-Dargles ...

No. Just nonsense here.

mommastantrum said...

OMG...that gnomes face totally says it all...

cukky-dargles cukky-dargles underpants!