29 May 2008

Blog Template and Banana

You can always tell you preferred your old blog template when you come back to it and feel a huge wave of relief flood over you. 'Ah yes', you think. 'I'm home.' Original Blog Template, how I have missed you.

Now I know you've been wondering, so I'll tell you why there was half a banana in my driveway for a few hours today. It's not important or funny, it's really very simple.

A few days ago, I had a banana and two crotchety kids in the car with me. I half-peeled the banana and gave some to the kids, who were happy again. And you can guess what happened to the rest of it: I forgot about it.

Each time I've got into the car since Monday, the ever-increasing power of the sweet banana smell has smacked me in the brain and each time I've thought absently, "When I get back home, I'll have to deal with that."

But each time I've returned home, I've dealt instead with questions like the following:

  • Which child will need to be got out of the car first to result in the least amount of frustrated crying?
  • How many bags do I have to take upstairs straightaway (e.g., shopping bags with refrigerator items)?
  • Taking into account Smoochy Girl in my left arm, which bags will I carry on each arm to be balanced enough not to fall on my face halfway up the stairs?
  • Are there any dirty nappies or pants in the car that will need to be soaked immediately so they don't stink out the car (worse than the banana)?
  • Where will I put Smoochy Girl while I do that?
  • How many days is it since I used a brush on my hair?
  • What's for dinner ...?
Etcetera, etcetera. The poor banana didn't feature into my thinking.

But the aromatic banana became unbearable today, just as I was racing to buy a dryer before I had to pick up Sonny Ma-Jiminy from kindy and the rain finally came, stuffing up my precise management of the family's Giant Revolving Door Of Laundry irreparably.

I didn't have time to deal with a half-eaten three-day-old banana. Who has that sort of time?

So I did what all you right-thinking people would do. I opened the car door and put it on the driveway right outside my door so I'd remember it when I got back. Common sense really.

There's no punchline here. I know you're all expecting me to have come home, opened the car door and stood right in it, but it wasn't one of those days. I'm just explaining why it was there.

Cos I know you were all wondering.


Natalie said...

well...i was wondering about that. i mean. not really since i don't know you or where you live, but it so sounds like something i would do! and totally forget about it for a few days!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

My GOD I can relate to this post.

Also, I can smell banana. Is it you?

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Thankfully you did not step in it, slide and fall. I have, really, I have.

Schmutzie said...

You're being featured on Five Star Friday: