12 May 2008

Twelve Steps

I remember on an episode of The Nanny once that as Fran Fine was planning to make some dips for a party, she whined, "Oh no, where will I buy a packet of french onion soup mix at this time of night?" Niles rolled his eyes and the audience laughed at Fran's deplorable sense of culinary style.

It surprised me because I've always loved french onion dip. Sorry if that's not posh enough for you. I love it. I don't allow myself to have it often but when I do, I eat far too much of it.

I didn't realise I was addicted until one night I was watching my kids playing together in the bath while I held a packet of biscuits between my knees and balanced a container of dip on the tray of the potty.

Yup. Time to stop.


Anonymous said...

What! supervising children bathing while under the influence of french onion dip?!!