16 May 2008

Email me to tell me you're alive!

Apologies to my readers who have tried to email me but who have had trouble. I've got a much better email address now: ukulelefly@gmail.com, and yes, that is how you spell ukulele, apparently. It looks wrong, I know, but if I decided to go with 'ukalele' or 'ukelele', the spelling police would be onto me like *that!*

I guess I've assumed that the only readers who would want to email me would be people who already know my address.

As for the rest of you lovely people who check out the craziness at Killing A Fly, well to be honest, I see your IP addresses coming anonymously on my stat counter, but really to tell you a little secret, I don't believe you actually exist! Terribly rude, aren't I? Sorry. It is just for the simple reason that although you might enjoy reading my silly outpourings, you tend to avoid commenting. Of course, this is fine! You may choose to refrain from having your name posted along with my rants and ramblings, and really, I do understand this.

But to be honest, I'd love to hear from you! Who are all you interesting people from Melbourne, Perth, Belfast, Dublin, Belgium, Pennsylvania, New York, Saskatchewan, Montevideo, Iowa, Arizona, Ljubljana and oh so many other interesting and exciting places?

But no pressure. Or whatever.


tinsenpup said...

Okay, okay, this is one of your loyal readers in exotic and far away Melbourne. I have never commented on a blog before, because I figure I am fairly likely to write something inane that will stand forever as a testament to my idiocy. So I hope you feel deeply honoured, or at least mildly gratified.

Givinya De Elba said...

Wahoo! Thanks so much tinsenpup, I'm delighted to hear from you! Surely nothing you could comment would be as inane as what I write each day?

Thanks so much for commenting!

musing said...

Updated your email address in my contact list. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the no commenting route, tinsenpup. Being one of Givinya's mad college friends I've been commenting for a very long time, and I tend to forget that EVERYONE who EVER reads this blog can read my inane twitterings. That was OK when there were only 3 people reading it (sorry, Givinya, but there was such a time) but now I really have to consider whether or not to become a lurker. Hmmm. Given my quick re-reading of previous comments, I really should disappear. Bye everybody, Jen.

Givinya De Elba said...

Noooo! Don't disappear Jen! You can tell from the quality of my ramblings that it could only be YOUR COMMENTS they come to read! You go, my readership goes!

And it'll be all your fault.