09 May 2008

Thanks, Blogtations!

Thankyou Blogtations for liking my quote enough to feature it, let alone name it a runner-up in your Mother's Day quote competition.

Motherhood has changed me. Before I became a mother, I was the sort of person who would cautiously nibble the toes off a gingerbread man first. Now that I'm a mother, the first thing I do is maul the head off. I like to hear it crack.
Be afraid, gingerbread men, be afraid.

Here are some recent pieces of advice from Blogtations that have brightened my life.
If you use the end of your retractable pen to scratch the itch between your boobs, make sure that it is indeed retracted. - Schmutzie's Milk Money
or Not, Here I Come

If you put your bake potato lunch down on your chair while you clean some space on your desk for it, what ever you do, don't sit down. - Invading Holland
But of course these are only a few of the great quotes from blogs that you can find on Blogtations. Head over and have a read!


Darcie said...

Ha! I'm going to have to head over there. Every once in awhile I get ambitious enough to make homemade cards. One of those quotes would be perfect for the inside sentiment! Thanks!

mommastantrum said...

Oooh, I hope she picks my tampon in the mouth one for someone's lucky card. LOL

Musings has been picking some good ones out lately...

Givinya De Elba said...

You crack me up Mrs Tantrum! Musings is doing a great job, hey?