02 May 2008

Five Star Friday ... and other fun things

I live under a rock. Or something. I must, because I'm being featured by sites I haven't come across yet. But don't worry, now I know you're out there and that you've been wonderful enough to feature Killing A Fly on your site, I'll visit. I promise.

Five Star Friday
Today, Five-Star Friday paid me a monstrous compliment (as did she-whom-I-suspect-nominated-me!) by featuring me on this lovely site which describes itself as "the best of what's being thought and said on the web" and "weekly collection of links to superior weblog entries". I am amazed to be included in that category, especially with my featured rant on my recent plunge into decaffeinated coffee. But what an honour. Thanks a heap!

In defence of my ignorance, Five-Star Friday is relatively new. So please head on over and read what's being said in Blogoslovakia, especially "if you are ever in need of good reading material of the blogular variety," as it says in their sidebar.

Now to something I saw on the news tonight. The backdrop to a sports interview featured an interesting juxtaposition of two sponsors' logos. One was The Coffee Club. The other was the Queensland Government's road safety campaign "Because Enough Is Enough." The two logos were placed very close together, one above the other, a little like this:
And later, as I cleaned up yet another poo in the bath, it struck me that this could be a very good logo for many of us.

Coffee. Because Enough Is Enough.


mommastantrum said...


To quote the scientist lady from Meet The Robinson's "It's the Caffeine Patch! I invented it! It's equivilant to 12 cups of coffee! You can stay awake for days! EEEK!" Whoever invents that baby in real life is my hero.

And I think that maybe Smoochy needs swim diapers for the bath. Thus the whole "poo in the bath" problem is SOLVED!

Givinya De Elba said...

Ah, the all-time BEST quote in a kids movie! I LOVE her!

I hear you - Smoochy could do with 'laying' fewer 'eggs' and more getting-clean in the bath. But the crucial areas for cleaning would be covered by a swimming nappy, and really the poo isn't that difficult to clean up. Scoop it out, *flushhh*, and a spray of bleach in the bath.

I just complain about it because I can never REMEMBER to actually DO THAT. That time of the day is a massive flurry and I race from drying to dressing to putting-to-sleep and in all the flurry, I tend to forget there are "eggs" floating in the bath.

Anonymous said...

And really, you do have to keep such things in perspective. One Poo in the Bath is easily beaten by Three Daily Poos On the Lawn, while both are trumped by Any Amount Of Poo in the Carpet. There's a hierarchy. An order of magnitude for poop. Poo in the Bath is actually not too bad.

Crazy Sister

Anonymous said...

*LOL* The last time my girl left a present of the Poo-in-the-bath variety was at my sisters' house. We both promptly forgot about it until a yell came from the bathroom to signal that her fiance had found the now rapidly disintegrating offending item. What is it about baby poo that has so many men screaming like big girlies?

Becka - the sister-in-law of 'crazy sister'

*who has now bookmarked your hilarious blog*