01 June 2008

Yum. Wax.

Naughty Mummy. Sonny Ma-Jiminy never ate any chocolate until he was about one. Smoochy Girl has the benefit of being the second child. You just can't hide chocolate from her, and life goes a whole lot smoother if you just GIVE HER SOME CHOCOLATE. So yes, she eats it occasionally.

One night recently I gave her a small piece and she loved it. I can still hear that pleasant chocolate-cracking "Crook!" sound that echoed around her mouth as her little teeth bit into the dark sweet goodness.

The rest of us hadn't finished our chocolate by the time Smoochy Girl had eaten hers so to keep the peace, I gave her another little bit. Again, "CROOK!": that wonderful chocolatey snapping sound in the mouth. Mmm.

Enough now. A one year old doesn't need any more than that. I put her down on the ground where she busied herself with some of Sonny Ma-Jiminy's crayons.

I saw it happen, but couldn't stop it. Smoochy reached out for the brown crayon, put it in her mouth, and ... "CROOK!"
Yeah, great.


Melissa said...

Yummy! My daughter no longer eats the markers, she just like to tattoo herself. The insanity of motherhood!
I'm so glad you stopped by!