10 June 2008

Google. And you shall find.

Wow. Google just blows my mind. Well, any search engine really. You can find stuff you never imagined you'd find. Here are some of the recent hits to my site c/o Google, making me glad I chose a blog title with the word 'ukulele' in it, linked to the pages the poor Googlers ended up at:

None of the poor Googlers learned anything to further their pursuit of learning, I suspect. Again, if I am speaking about YOU, well thanks for hanging around!! Love to increase my readership with people who wanted to learn some Sunday School songs for tiny stringed instruments, and stayed to read about my kids' Sunday behaviour and my bleeding dog.

You can learn all sorts of amazing stuff on the Internet, and it's not usually the stuff you'd deliberately set out to learn.

Yesterday after a random wander c/o Google, my husband emerged from the study, very excited. "Guess what!" he shouted to Puppity Doggity, startling her out of a doze. "I just learned how to give CPR to a dog!!"

Case in point.

And now, for no other reason than that I like them, here are some of Calvin's Snowmen for you to enjoy. Calvin and Hobbes is copyright Universal Press Syndicate (UPS).


Anonymous said...

OK, so after all that, you're going to make me Google how to give CPR to a dog - because now I know it can be done I feel obliged to actually know HOW to do it. Thanks alot. Jen.

mommastantrum said...

I love google analytics...and google in general. It makes for all those with a Freak Flag to fly come on over to my house! And that makes me feel less alone!

tinsenpup said...

Thank goodness it's not just me. I think I have an unhealthy obsession with Google. It's so complex and inscrutable. It fascinates me.

I work as an Internet researcher, so I use Google every day and get to find out a lot of really weird stuff, although I'm going to have to look up that dog CPR thing now...even though I don't have a dog. You see how that works? Cool.