03 June 2008

Competing for Something Saucy

A competition! I am entering this competition to win a Blogger's Survival Pack. As you know, I judge a day to have been a success if I get through without seeing BLOOD or FLAMES, so you can imagine that in my life, a little Survival wouldn't go astray!

Please head over to The Secret Is In The Sauce to see what is in the pack that my friend Mrs Mommastantrum is certain she will win!

1. A Blog Makeover by Eightcrazy Design - who among you hasn't been a little disappointed at my inability to come up with a masthead that features a ukulele and a dead fly? A makeover is sorely needed, I think.

2. A Fuji Fine Pix Digital Camera Kit - essential for capturing the next one-eyed fish, sunscreen-painted decking, dope-related church sign or injury-producing kitchen implement.

3. Sony Digital Voice Recorder - Oh how I need one of these! Admittedly I need it more for my work as I assess littlies' speech and language skills, but I promise I will use it to record ideas for blog posts when they come to mind. I'm currently working on a list of my top 100 pet peeves, but can never remember items for the list once I'm sitting at my computer - a voice recorder would really help!

4. Gift Card for iTunes - Oh please take me out of Mummydom and into the real world! I need a musical makeover in my life. There's only so much "Toot-Toot Chugga-Chugga Big Red Car" I can take!

5. An oh-so-cool "Comment Junkie" T-shirt. But be warned. A high-necked tee like this will only make me look like Mrs Shelf-Bosom. When you're a little -erm- large in the -erm- 'upper body', a high neck will turn you into a frumpy dowager. On the other hand, a low neck screams "Barmaid!" This particular tee is best on the much-envied Itty-Bitty-Tittie Committee, but I'd like it anyway! Perhaps with an unzipped hoodie over the top. Can't you just see me in that, listening to my iTunes on my iPod taking photos of something bloggable with my new digital camera? Aw, c'mon!

6. A Gel Mouse Pad. Oh wow. I'm using the wooden surface of my desk now.

7. As if this giveaway isn't enough, there's chocolate! The incentive for Heather and Tiffany to pick me as their winner is that, as an Australian, I can't redeem this voucher over here. Google Maps has told me that my closest Trader Joe's is 12,000km away, interestingly recommending a long kayak trip across the Pacific Ocean. So hmm, I don't know, perhaps Heather and Tiffany may find a little chocolatey something coming back THEIR way if I win!

If it doesn't appear, you'd better start searching the Pacific Ocean for me and my kayak.


The SITS Girls said...

This is FANTASTIC! Finding blogs like yours is exactly why we are doing this! And, if there is not Trader Joes near you, we will send our favorites in place of the gift card...

So, my dear, you just got an additional 2 contest entries! And, please send us 3 of your best links so we can feature you (everyone will be featured!).

Thanks for the good laugh.. you are one funny chic.

Tiffany and Heather

mommastantrum said...

Ooh, too bad that you would have to kayak here. I think that your arms might get tired, and your um...lady chestal region might get even bigger...making that shirt scream HOOTERS! (Which would at least mean you could get a job to pay for the airfaire back home once you got here!)

And if you don't have a crush on at least one of the Wiggles Men, well...you aren't a true Mummy yet!

Givinya De Elba said...

Good Point. I'll take Anthony's blue eyes, Murray's sense of humour, Sam's singing voice and Jeff's narcolepsy.

[Put 'em in a pot and you've got vegetable soup, uh-uh-uh!]