16 June 2008

Ten Seconds

She's alright.

Smoochy Girl is alright. She's sleeping in her cot, full of lasagne and high on life.

(Just so that we're clear.)

I've been out of the loop for the last few days, visiting both my family and Hubs' family as part of my decision to keep visiting family despite the laundry pile. Both kids were quite sick, but it was nice to be out and about instead of being cooped up at home.

On Sunday morning, we were at a tiny country church (and had a wonderful morning!) Smoochy hadn't slept by midday, even though she usually has a nap at about 9:30 or 10:00am. She was exhausted and hot, and very upset to be strapped into her car seat. She was even more upset to be taken out (as a 'second thought') so I could get her jumper off, and strapped back in.

She cried hard. You know when little kids cry so hard that they keep breathing out and out and ouuuuttt... and they can't breath in? She did that. I looked up at her face as I strapped her in and said, "Breathe!" but she didn't. She breathed out and out and out ... her lips went blue, she closed her eyes and went floppy.

I screamed her name and patted her cold pale cheek. Then I tore her seat belt off and grabbed her out of the car, still calling her name and stroking her face. The longest ten seconds of my life.

She opened her eyes and started breathing very quietly. Her colour was no longer blue, but she was pale and her face was still cold, especially her lips. It was a full five minutes before I felt she was stable enough to put her back in the car. I only had a few tears when I realised that there was no mobile phone reception and we couldn't have called out in an emergency.

I sat with her as we drove to the emergency department of the hospital, Smoochy sleeping peacefully as her colour improved and her skin became warmer.

Ten seconds - much shorter than the length of time some parents have seen their children blue and unresponsive.

A happy healthy Smoochy Girl - a much better outcome than the outcome some people are forced to accept.

Every time my mind turns to the 'what-ifs' of yesterday morning, I force myself to be thankful and pray for people who have had it much worse than we did in those awful ten seconds.

Eating a chocolate-chip muffin


Darcie said...

Never a dull moment in the ukulele household huh?

Glad she's okay. And you too!

Anonymous said...

She's a sweet little punkin' for sure.

Glad all is well with both of you.

(I think I've commented here before, but if not, hello from Seattle, Washington, USA.)

tinsenpup said...

Ergh! That's awful. As if the whole bed bug thing wasn't hideous enough. I think it's time something really wonderful happened to you. Then again, I guess it all depends on how you look at it. I'm so glad she's okay.

musing said...

So glad she's okay!

When Ikuni was small and couldn't stop crying, we'd encourage her to take a big breath in and then "blow out the candle" (my index finger) to try and get her breathing regulated again.

The muffin pics are adorable. :)

Good & Crazy said...

Thanks for your comment!

And funny you should mention lasagna in your post! My post today feature's a question about it!

And I love the picture map of a kid eating something chocolaty!

Heather said...

Oh, how scary!!! I'm glad she's okay. Poor baby. She's diggin' that muffin, though, isn't she?

mommastantrum said...

Thank goodness she is okay. I cannot imagine how panicked you were. Not only that but what would we have done as pioneers? (I would have long ago died I have determined.)I am GLAD everyone is okay and enjoying chocolate that is not wax. Please also let her have a couple extra wheat bix(es) in the morning...

Givinya De Elba said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!

Darcie: It's pretty mundane most of the time, I just give you the highlights and the lowlights!

Howlin' Hobbit: So pleased to make your acquaintance! You must have come here by way of googling ukuleles and stayed to read about the somethings and nothings going on Chez deElba! That's commitment! Welcome and thanks for reading. I'll come and hear you play if I'm ever in Seattle!

Tinsenpup: Hi again! How's the winter weather where you are? Brrr... Things are not so bad here - in fact, it keeps me smiling!

Musing: That's a good idea. Sometimes I blow on her face when she can't breathe in - it makes her stop and take a breath sometimes. I like your idea though.

Good & Crazy People: Thanks for popping over. I love your blog!

Heather: Thanks for visiting and commenting! Long Live SITS!

Mrs Tantrum: Funny thing: I forgot to panic. Just went into "WAKE UP NOW BABY" mode. I too wonder what people did before all our medical help and modern communications. Wow.

Thanks again all for commenting! You know how it makes a blogger's day!

Becky said...

((hugs)) what an ordeal! So glad she is ok!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Smoochy's OK, and why is it that when someone starts a conversation (or a blog) with the words 'So&so is okay' I immediately scan down to she what calamity they have narrowly escaped.

I'm surprised that you managed to stay calm - I think I would have panicked. But then sometimes that adreniline can do amazing things for clarity and purpose. Our bodies are amazing.

PS I did happen to notice that this comment gets you into double figures again. He,he,he.

Givinya De Elba said...

YESSS! Double figures! 2nd time ever! But I had one comment in the top 10 so does that really count? And I'm commenting again: am I unfairly inflating my figures? Hmm.

I did mean to clarify what I wrote in my comment last night though. I replied to Tinsenpup that "it keeps me smiling."

This does not mean to derive pleasure from near-death experiences of my offspring, I really meant that I can find the Funny in the stupid bedbugs and naughty behaviour and chocolate-chip messes and blog about them. That's all.

I've been thinking all night that I should clarify that!