21 June 2008

Preparing to Hibernate

Hello all my blog-reading friends!

I will be a little bit absent over the next fortnight. This is because I am doing a mad scramble to prepare everything I need to prepare for Kids Games. It will be big, it will be exhausting, but for the kids, it will be fun.

For me though, it will push me as close to the edge as it can. I am finding this sort of preparation with two very active kids extremely difficult. Some Mums can do it. They can organise awesome kids ministry, both ongoing and one-off programs while shepherding two small kids and balancing a baby on their hips. I am not that woman.

So hey. If you're a praying person: I will need prayer! If you're not, spare a thought for me as I scramble around for the fortnight. I'll drop in on and off, and I'll be back more regularly later.

Hey - have you seen this?


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Okay, I get it. This is your version of our vaction bible school. The cartoon was a riot.

musing said...

Always good to know one's limits! and that cartoon's a hoot. :)

mommastantrum said...

I pray that you survive, and come back with many many hysterical stories to tell! I am also glad that I am not the only mum who is in awe of those "together" ones, but okay with the fact that I am not one of them!

Staci said...

good luck!! BTW thanks for the comments on my site, i love new friends!!!

ill be back

anymommy said...

That cartoon is hilarious. Good luck with your kids' event.