05 June 2008

Who killed a fly with a ukulele?

Nobody. Well, at least nobody I know of.

A few of you have asked about my blog title. Where did it come from, and is there a funny story?

I could make up something or I could truthfully admit that sorry, there is no funny story.

One day I was playing with the sentence "Killing a fly with a ukulele is probably the wrong thing to do." It certainly sounded like something I'd say to Sonny Ma-Jiminy: "Sonny, throwing your food THERE is the wrong thing to do." "Ah - no, I'd say that painting THIS all over THAT would certainly be the wrong thing to do, wouldn't you Sonny? Mmm?"

But I couldn't seem to work it into a post because nobody ever killed a fly with a ukulele. In my house, anyway.

At the time, I was looking for a new blog name. My previous one was "You, Me, and The Oxford Comma," and of course, nobody understood it. Probably because there was nothing to understand, really. It was dumb. So I decided to replace it with "Killing A Fly." I had no other ideas about using it.

Now until recently, I'd never had many hits from Google searches. Over the last few weeks though, I've had plenty more and mostly, it's been thanks to my blog title. Here are some of the things that people have Googled, haplessly ending up in my little bloggy world:

  • clouds suddenly appear on ukulele (a musical rendition was what they were after. How disappointing to end up here!)
  • fly with ukulele (a Wannabe Birdman, looking for inspiration?)
  • ukulele mouse pad (all they got was a blog title and my desire to win this competition)
  • making my own ukulele top and back sizes cm (They wanted to build one, and yet they still clicked on a site that appeared to discussing killing flies with them. Love it!)
  • somebody loves me ukulele (I'm sorry about that, but I guess it's better that ya' ukulele found love in someone's arms. It could be worse if nobody loved ya' ukulele.)
  • drawstring sheet bag for preschool (oh what pathetic comfort I was for this poor Googler!)
  • fly killing for kids (are you KIDDING me? This is too funny.)
  • killing a fly with a ukulele (either this person was looking for me specifically, or wow, there's someone out there who needs to buy a swat!)
  • blue colouring in ice blocks (luckily they came to my incredibly scientific discussion on blue food colouring)
  • Jatz biscuit recipes (they wanted recipes and they got Smoochy Girl's Pinup Boy)

I apologise to all of you. I can tell from your searches that you didn't want to end up here. But if you did, and if you're still reading me, I'm very pleased you stuck around! Welcome!

Maybe you could confirm this for me, but I suspect that having a title that is both absurdly long and strangely intriguing, people must notice it, like it and click it.

Sorry there's been not much news of late here at Killing A Fly. I'll try to pull back my blogging over the next week or so, for the following reasons:

  • My eyes are getting scratchy at night (from too much blogging)
  • I've had some mild headaches (I think from my blood pressure medication, combined with too much blogging)
  • I'm losing my mind (from lack of sleep caused by blogging late at night.)

To illustrate the third point, I'll confess this piece of vagueness (but it's just between You, Me, and The Oxford Comma).

This morning I opened the dishwasher and as usual, had to ask myself if the stuff inside was clean or not. Better not unpack it and put it away if it's just been rinsed and stacked, not washed. I saw that it was still dirty and needed to go through a dishwasher cycle.

Then I went into a Mum-Daze and absently 'dried' half the load with a tea towel and put it away. I only noticed after I'd done a few plates, knives, forks and miscellaneous containers. It was then I realised I was getting far too vague to warrant spending sleep-time blogging.

So for a week or so, I'll just try to post something small and funny each day. I'll try to visit your blogs a little and leave comments when I have something coherent to say. Don't worry if you don't hear from me too much, I'll be here. But I might be folding laundry or cleaning up petrified food from behind Smoochy Girl's high chair, and you can rest easy knowing I'm working on decreasing that 'Ransack Chic' at my place I sometimes complain about.

For the moment, I'll leave you with Classic Cleese and his Ministry of Silly Walks. Just Because.


dana wyzard said...

Oh a day without nothing to say and then you feel the necessity to say it..............I've been there, but didn't handle it as well as you!

mommastantrum said...

Dishes don't get clean just by being in the dishwasher?


I better quit blogging and start paying more attention to that kind of thing too!

Nah! We haven't gotten sick from dirty dishes yet, so it's probably okay - for now!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

At least you dishes made it into the dishwasher. I don't want to talk about it. We all need to sleep.

tinsenpup said...

Ha! Love the dishwasher story. That sounds sooo much like something I'd do right now. It's nice to be able to laugh at someone else's vague moment for a change. Thanks. Now go get some sleep!

Anonymous said...

Crazy Sister

You know, somewhere I have video footage of our Wee Bro doing cleese's silly walk.

Remember how he used to do it across pedestrian crossings in front of waiting cars?

femina said...

I'm very late to the party, but I just wanted to say that "You, me, and the Oxford comma" is an AWESOME blog name (because I understand it... and I'm geeky enough to find it hilarious).

Morgan the (Almost) Muse said...

Hey, your absurd name is what drew my eye, I found you on someone else's blog, however. :(

Toivoa ja Elämän said...

well, the title of your blog is definitely what drew me to it (:

Amanda said...

In case you haven't come across it, the Unshelved comic strip (set in a public library) is having a bit of a ukulele theme at the moment. One of my favourites is this one, but there's a whole week's worth to look at. Not that I think you have a ukulele fetish, or anything...