29 June 2008

Blogs + Quotations = Blogtations

Thankyou very much to Blogtations for featuring me this week. I'm so pleased you liked my quotes about superglueing my fingers to a plastic dinosaur, changing nappies without contact lenses, sleep deprivation and small children screeching. It's an honour to be featured, and thankyou!


musing said...

You're very welcome. :)

mommastantrum said...

I love your quotes.

Birthing babies, gluing things to your fingers...there are so many. It must be that whole speech specialty thing that you have. No, it is a gift.

You deserve it lady!

Lynda said...

I found your site via SITS and I am glad I did - you are going to be one of my regular reads. Anyone with a blog name like yours (and I read your post on how you chose it) is worth taking the time to see what's next! Thanks :-)