09 June 2009


Thanks for all your well-wishes. Sonny Ma-Jiminy is back to normal, Smoochy Girl is nearly there, and Mr de Elba and I are 75% well.

Femina: Yes, torrid was an okay word to use!

Tracy P, Mimi and Joy: Thanks for your prayers. How special to have people from the other side of the world praying for us!

Cynthia K: Yes, we have been sicker than we've ever been since moving to our new town. I'm not going to read anything into it though ...

Crazy Sister: I love that you yourself are so off-the-wall, but it amazes me that you MEET people who are similarly crazy. Like that elderly lady who has to keep telling you the dimensions of the room in which she nursed her husband to death. Crazy begets Crazy. As you just posted.

Swift Jan: Thanks for the wishes, hope Connor's ears are on the mend! De Elbas being delirious with tonsils doesn't make ear infections any nicer for others! Have been meaning to email you to apologise if I sounded pompous on my comment about Swine Flu. I don't know heaps about it, I just haven't found major cause for alarm, that's all. I don't expect you'll get it in Melbourne, and if you do, I'll pass you the tissues til you're better! And I don't know about you, but for a Mum of nearly-three, a little time in enforced quarantine sounds about as good as a holiday to Hamilton Island right now.

Jen: Hope I didn't talk up the otoscope phobia too much. It's funny but probably not stand-up comdey routine material. Will work on it soon.

Hippomanic Jen: Yeah, I wouldn't want to go through it again. Especially once the baby's here. That'd about break me I think!

Musingwoman and GreenJello: Thanks for your thoughts. Last night was the first night in over a week that I was able to sleep straight through - nobody woke me up. Now why, when I've been stumbling around like a zombie in the enforced wakings of previous nights, did I lie in bed unable to sleep until after 3am last night, of all nights?? Hoping for everything to align for a great sleep tonight!

Alison: Thanks for the thoughts. Stay well over your side of the earth, and enjoy Summer for us okay? Our new town is renowned for cold windy winters - no snow or anything, just near-freezing temperatures and lots of biting-cold wind. (I think in non-snowy places, we're just not set up for real cold, like in our homes and wardrobes! We could learn from friends in the US about how to dress and how to build houses.)

Sassy B: I love that you said "Sheesh" - I said that a few days ago and Sonny copied me. "Huh," I thought, "I've taught him a new exclamation, I hope that's not a bad thing." Hmm. "Did you say, 'Sheesh'?" I asked him. "No," he replied. "I said QUICHE!!" So there's his new exclamation: "QUICHE!" Weird.


Swift Jan said...

Glad the deElba's are alomst all better! I hope you are able to get a good solid nights sleep tonight!!

Yes, jolly ear infections! Its off to the ENT if he gets another one in the near future. We are trialling Asthma medication now....

Swine Flu... I am not all that worried anymore. Hopefully I dont get it for the sheer inconvenience of it!!

Femina said...

QUICHE!! I'm totally using that.

So relieved you're all on the mend.

GreenJello said...

So if you say SON OF A QUICHE!, wouldn't that be an omelet?

Jen said...

Doing a happy dance for the deElbas getting better!!!!

Joy said...

Glad you all are back among the living. That "quiche" exclamation is cute. You won't forget that one.


Anonymous said...

Glad everyone seems to be improving! What a nightmare you've been living! I love the "sheesh" turning to "Quiche!" My grandchildren say "ah tarter sauce!" which is much better than the alternative S@#!

Nana Tantrum

Hairline Fracture said...

I'm glad to hear you are all feeling better! Our winters in Texas can often be like you described in your new location. I always say there are four seasons in Texas: early summer, summer, late summer, and winter.

Sassy Britches said...

"Quiche!" That sounds way more cosmopolitan than "Sheesh!" Sonny is way ahead of us.