10 June 2009

ElbaPlague 2009 - Over and Out

You wouldn't think these people were the sickest I've ever seen them just a few days ago, would you?

Tonight after dinner, Sonny Ma-Jiminy mentioned the phrase "Pass the Parcel" and Smoochy Girl, who most probably doesn't even know what Pass the Parcel is, joined in the chorus. Soon, they were both clamouring for Pass the Parcel (?) and I wasn't prepared to put together a parcel to be passed! I'd done a full day and was completely exhausted, not to mention the fact that after I'd bathed them, cleaned their teeth and put them to bed, I was going to head off to do a very large grocery shop in peace and quiet.

But Daddy, oh wonderful Daddy, that man who not one week ago lay in his bed so sick he was barely lucid, came to the mythical party. While Sonny hid his eyes, Daddy quickly put together a parcel.

And this is how the game went:

1. The parcel is passed to the music "Funky Town" as sung by the cast of Veggie Tales.

2. Daddy wins a pair of his own socks.

3. Sonny Ma-Jiminy wins a lemon.

4. Smoochy Girl also wins a lemon.

5. Sonny Ma-Jiminy wins a second lemon.

6. Game over - and the children are still so small that they thought it was GREAT! Daddy is the hero of the hour. Him and his socks and his lemons.
I think we've got ElbaPlague beat.


Joy said...

Back to fun and games at the de Elba household. So glad to hear.

That is a cute game. I've never played that before.

Great picture of them.


Tracy P. said...

He's a keeper! Nice to see those big smiles again--that last picture is priceless!

Jen said...

that is the best ever. they are so cute and your hubby, he is HOT!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Good to see the nonsense is back, and I hope the groceries went quickly and quietly and put themselves away into the cupboards.

Heather said...

YAY for hubbies coming up with pass the parcel parcels, for ElbaPlague being extinct and for solo grocery store trips in peace and quiet!!

Thinking of you - sorry I've been an absent commenter, I've been buried in home reno stuff. :P xoxo

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

So glad you guys are all better again!!!

Sassy Britches said...

Ahahaaa! I wonder if there's a way to keep kids in the stage where lemons are the BEST PARCELS EVER! Am so happy everyone is almost back to 100%! They look healthy and happy to me!

Swift Jan said...

LOL Good one Mr deElba!! SO glad everyone is healthy & feeling fit again!! :D

Crazy Sister said...

What a great game! I love how kids love 'lame'. We've been playing "Can't Get Out" (remember that?), where you restrain a kid and pretend to be beaten incrementally as they feebly struggle out through hysterical laughter.

And yes, those are some of the best photos ever! Everyone just looks so happy to be alive! And to enjoy lemons!

~Taz~ said...

haha oh that's so cute!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the imaginations of little ones! Oh so glad everyone is better!!! You had a tough row to hoe! (And your hubby is HOT!)

Nana Tantrum

Femina said...

I LOVE how totally rapt Smoochy is in the first pass-the-parcel picture. Daddy got his own socks - awesome!!!!

Mrs. Tantrum said...

Nana Tantrum is correct, Mr. DeElba is VERY HOT. And brilliant for coming up with this game. I for some reason thought that pass-the-parcel was like "hot potato" though! This is much more brilliant!