06 June 2009

ElbaPlague 2009 (condensed but still long)

Sometimes I don't blog for days because there's nothing to blog about. Sometimes it's because I'm just too busy. Sometimes it's because I'm just plain lazy.

This time, the reason I haven't been blogging is because the plague has come to our place. ElbaPlague 2009, we're calling it. The worst case of raging tonsillitis ever to hit one family at one time.

I have been writing it all down in a blog post, but it started to sound like a cross between a boring medical list of symptoms and a chat with an elderly person at a bus stop.

I am starting again, hoping to condense it. In order to achieve a condensed version, I will try dot points. Just like a uni student.

Sonny Ma-Jiminy - 6 days, 3 doctor's trips, 2 different anitbiotics and 2 over-the-counter medicines to lower temperature.
• Fever caused vomiting and hallucinations, poor Sonny swatting away imaginary mosquitoes in the night.
• Broken sleep and shouting out in the night, "Ah! Ah! So bad! I feel so bad!!"
• Slowly got better, currently back to normal! Many prayers were said, much thanks is now due!!

Mr de Elba - 5 days, 2 doctor's trips, 2 shots of penicillin, a course of penicillin tablets, one faint in the bathroom and a few mear misses
• Too sick for much talking, any TV watching, any walking out of the bedroom/ensuite area other than to get to doctors' appointments.
• Kept fluids and medicines down well, so declined the doctor's offer to admit him to hospital (it was just an offer, not a recommendation after all!) Good decision. More rest was had at home. And I looked after him well.
• But he was Scary-Sick for days on end, I won't sugar-coat that.
• Today he turned a corner. He walked to the kitchen! He had eggs for breakfast! We talked! Then he slept for the rest of the day again.
• He is still feverish. He is still sick. But today, he looks like a NORMAL sick person, not the death's-door sick person he has been.

Smoochy Girl - 9 days, varying levels of sickness, two antibiotics, 6 vomits and one midnight trip to emergency.
• Two problems have made the Smoochy Management difficult:
1. Her phobia of the otoscope. Remind me to blog about this when I'm feeling better myself. It's sorta funny.
2. Her aggressive resistance to taking her medicine. This has prolonged her sick time.
• For most of the week, she showed signs of having a mild tonsillitis. She has been mostly well.
• But on Wednesday her temperature skyrocketed and thence commenced the vomiting.
• Picture if you will ... a mother was mopping up pools of vomit on the right side of her body while vomiting violently into the mop bucket on the left side of her body. Smoochy having a great time in the shower. Sonny watching the farce.
• Scary black bits in vomit on Friday night, midnight trip to the emergency centre after a few phone calls making sure I was doing the right thing (Queenslanders - use the 13HEALTH phone service - it's awesome!!)
• All's well that ends well. Um, actually all's well that ENDS. Yes. Probably not blood, but some food item that has changed colour on contact with stomach acids. New antibiotic, and I must keep her temperature down with constant medication.

Me - ARGH! ME! I forgot there was such a creature.
• 9 days, mild sickness threatening to engulf me if I shut my eyes for too long. Countless trips to doctors and pharmacies, many different medicines in different doses at different times of the day for 3 sick people, and lists and charts and reminders to help me not stuff it all up. Lots of disinfectant. More shopping trips with two rambunctions half-sick kids than I'd care to remember.
• Pregnancy is an absurd strain on the body. But it is all fogotten in the bizarre day-nightishness of around-the-clock nursing of multiple sick people.
• I have had a sore throat, swollen glands and blocked eustachian tubes the whole time, but I am fighting it off - Betadine Throat Gargle (pharmacy) or the Nyal equivalent (supermarket) are both good things. Very good things. Also a snort of Vicks First Defence a few times a day goes a long way.
• Sleeping at the opposite end of the house, trying to stay well to look after everyone!
• Baby monitor comes in handy - it's sensitive enough to hear all three of my lovelies in the night.

My parents - rendered much service in the way of washing and drying and folding and ironing earlier in the week.
• Have now spent three days driving to Mt Isa to spend a week with my dear Wee Bro, my little brother, whose definitely-worse side is pictured here.

Mr de Elba's parents - rendered much service to us today, in taking out children for hours so that Mr De Elba and I could have some child-free time to SLEEP. We did.
• First, we had a hot breakfast together and talked without interruption, laughing at Smoochy Girls' otoscope phobia
• Then we slept. I had four solid hours of sleep before I dragged myself awake to await the return of the children, and make them dinner. Things have been back to normal crazy since they returned. And I love them.

It is too late and I am too sick to proof-read this post. Please accept any errors and my profound thanks for your thoughts and/or prayers, and for the grandparent's assistance over this week. It's not yet over for Smoochy, and I'm not sure whether I will head downhill or up, but whatever happens, I'm here, reading your blog posts whenever I can!


Femina said...

Oh my. It sounds torrid. I'll keep praying.

I had to look up otoscope. Ah... the ear thingy!

Femina said...

Horrid, not torrid. Oops. Although your throats were probably torrid in the 'parched, hot and dry' sense of the word.

Still... sounds HORRID.

Tracy P. said...

Oh yikes! That is a plague indeed! Hoping and praying you all bounce back soon.

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

That's just nothing but AWFUL!!!!!

Sending ♥♥♥ your way.

Joy said...

Oh my goodness. I just can't imagine all that and you dealing with it being pregnant.

I'm so sorry it has been such a rough time for all. I'm praying the corner has been turned!


CynthiaK said...

Boy, when you deElbas get sick, you really go all the way, don't you? Wow, what an ordeal!

Glad to hear the deElbas, big and small, are on the mend and we'll be thinking healthy thoughts for you as you keep on climbing to healthy.

I'm impressed you were able to write as much as you did here! I think that's the sign of some level of brilliance, being able to post while under the influence of meds and operating on very little sleep!

Take care. Get well soon!

Crazy Sister said...

Love the reference to chats with elderly people at bus stops. I know one old lady who has to keep telling me the dimensions of the room in which she nursed her husband to death.

Glad you're all past the absolute worst of it...

Swift Jan said...

Thanks for putting Connor's ears into persepective!!! *hugs* I hope you dont go downhill & that everyone continues to get better!!!

I cant imagine how horrid the past 2 weeks must have been for you!!
Sending much love your way xoxo

Jen said...

Oh my poor, poor dear. I am so glad that you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Oh and I can't wait to here about her phobia. ;)

Hippomanic Jen said...

Glad to hear that you're all on the mend. I obviously missed the worst part of it. It sounds scary and hard and boy you must need lots of sleep.

musingwoman said...

Oh, you poor things! Hope you're feeling better soon!

GreenJello said...

Oh! How I hate those times when everyone is sick. Really sick. And you just tell yourself you don't have time to get sick, since you have to be the caretaker!

I'm glad y'all are on the mend.

And glad you have family close by to help out! Hug 'em to death. :)

Sassy Britches said...

Sheesh! I am so glad things are slowly getting back to normal, but I'm so SAD that you are feeling icky and vomiting in the mop bucket because of others' vomit! When does Thingamababy arrive? Soon right?

Hairline Fracture said...

My goodness, you have had quite a time of it! I hope by now everyone is doing better.

Cazbam said...

Sorry it's taken me a while to get round to this, have been super busy. But not as busy as you it seems.

Really sorry to hear that you guys were all so ill. But Kudos to you for being able to fend off most of the illness and still finding the ability to look after 3 horribly ill people.

Glad to hear they are all on the mend though (refering to some of your newer posts).

Sending you lots of thoughts and prayers and positive vibes.