17 June 2009

I feel like such a swine

So, you know. You say stuff, it's sort-of in jest, it's half funny, and then you learn something that makes you wonder why you ever deviated from your never-say-anything-silly-in-jest policy.

I don't want to steal anyone's bloggy thunder (there we go, I just have), but five hours after posting about how I'd be better off with swine flu, I learn that one of our good bloggy buddies has ...


Sounds like a joke, right? We all check to see it's not April 1st, we all decide not to believe anything too soon, but we sadly realise that the tests have said that Swine Flu it is.

A few weeks ago, my good friend was saying, "I'm a bit nervous about going to Melbourne with all this swine flu around."

And I was saying, "You won't get swine flu."

And she was saying, "It would be really bad if I got swine flu."

And I was saying, "But you won't get it, and anyway, it's a mild dose of flu, and it really doesn't matter anyway because YOU WON'T GET IT."

And she was saying, "I don't feel 100% great about going to Melbourne with this swine flu around."

And I was saying, "Just go to Melbourne. You'll have FUN!!"

Then she went to Melbourne. She came home. She felt flu-ish. She had some tests. And they said to her, "You my dear have swine flu."

Now comes the quarantining of the whole family. You heard me, this is not a quarantine where a sick mother is alone, by herself, with nothing but a comfy bed and a few good books. This is where a whole family is cut off from the world, all together in a house, trying hard to infect nobody but each other. It's like a rainy beach holiday where you're all stuck in the apartment together with nothing but each other and the TV. But you can't even hit the shops. And you're sick.

Oh my. My lovely friend said she liked my last blog post (even had the good grace to comment: "I hope you feel better soon xoxo" what an absolute sweetie), so I leave it there. But now it's just there as a preface to this post, in which we all laugh at Givinya. We all point and laugh.

PLEASE GET WELL SOON, YOURSELF! I am so sorry you've got the sickness of having swine flu, and I am doubly sorry you have the inconvenience of your Family Quarantine and your Mister being off work, and... oh, everything!

Moral of the story: Never listen to me. Ever. For 9 months I thought Sonny Ma-Jiminy was going to be a girl, for 9 months I thought Smoochy Girl was going to be a boy, and for weeks I thought my wonderful friend was in no danger of getting swine flu.

Point and Laugh!


Femina said...

Oh no!! I made fun of swine flu on her post too!

Jen said...

Uh Oh! Live and Learn!?!

Joy said...

Who knew???
I'm always telling people. Oh you'll be fine. Then they aren't and I feel bad.

Hope they recover quick.

They say it will flare back up here in the U.S. when the weather starts to cool back down.
I hope not.


Hairline Fracture said...

Oh, no. I hope she feels better soon.

Crazy Sister said...

I'd have to check her blog, but I'm pretty sure I also told her that she wasn't going to get it. So the message here is either don't rely on advice from the internet, or don't listen to your friends - ever!

Swift Jan said...

*points & laughs*

I still think your post was hilarious!!
Swine Flu. I still cant believe it!!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Sometimes you just. can't. win.