11 June 2009

Cold Turkey

My small niece, Peanut, is going through dummy withdrawal.

"dummy" = "pacifier"

I was talking via Google Talk with my brother-in-law, Constable Crazy, about this.

Me: Is Peanut managing without her dummy?
Const: The turkey is cold but living.

Oh dear. So what does a mother do when she has a number of dummies in the house and doesn't want to cave in and give them to her daughter in a moment of sheer desperation?

She sends them to her sister. Express Mail too, unless that round yellow sticker on the left is a breastfeeding joke.

I assume these were sent with the explanation that "the baby will need them."

Ah yes. Thanks. I will -er- keep them, and then I will -er- I will ... umm ...

Still. A kid sucking on a dummy is probably better than:


Swift Jan said...

hehe!! Thats gold!! I wonder if I should have told crazy sister about the dummy fairy? Worked a treat for Ella!

Joy said...

Both my girls loved their pacifiers. They both gave them up at around 2 yrs. old. I did keep a stash on the top shelf of the kitchen
(not to bring that "top shelf" conversation back up") haha
Anyway. They both physically threw their pacifier in the trash can. So when they would ask for it. I would remind them they threw it away.
Love that package of paci's.
Love your sleepyheads.


Heather said...

My kiddo gave up her pacifier cold turkey all on her own when she was just about 3 months old. Yes, MONTHS. The timing worked out so it happened just after we'd special ordered a whole box of the "right" pacifiers - the only one she ever wanted was the one she'd had while in the NICU as a newborn, and they weren't readily commercially available so all we had was the one that came home from the hospital with her.

But Crazy Sister shouldn't think that I'm trying to rub in how easily and quickly Kiddo gave up her pacifier...... she replaced it with the arm of her teddy bear, which she jammed into her mouth and sucked so hard that her upper teeth grew in tilted. The dentist made us make her quit the teddy arm cold turkey at the age of three. That was a brutal two weeks, let me tell you. *shudder*

Crazy Sister said...

Ah yes - sorry about that. It was a spur of the moment thing, but it worked beautifully. Thanks.

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...


CynthiaK said...

None of the three Crumbs kids ever used a pacifier. They all spit them out immediately and they were never to be seen again in this house. Of course, they're totally mental now and have severe separation anxiety...(kidding...sort of)

I laughed out loud at the breastfeeding joke reference.

Anonymous said...

I thought my granddaughter was the only child that actually slept with her blankie in her mouth! Aren't they angels when they sleep?

Nana Tantrum

Jen said...

Yum yeah her sending them to you and the baby might have had something do with what something I told her. Sorry. ;)

Anonymous said...

My daughter gave up her dummy at 3 without too much bother, because she then decided to suck her thumb!!!! That is much harder to get rid of!

GreenJello said...

So cute!!! I love it when they have blankies. :)

Sassy Britches said...

Ingenius! My brother used his "binkie" well into grade school, until the dentist told him not to. He told my brother to give him a call when he slept through the night without his binkie. My brother called the dentist at 6AM for two days before the dentist told him it would probably be okay to not call anymore. :)