24 June 2009

Is that an OTOSCOPE which I see before me?

I mentioned that Smoochy Girl has a phobia of the OTOSCOPE. That's the little light they look in your ears with at the doctor's.

Granted, she did have a raging ear infection soon after we moved here and the doctor did need to confirm this by doing the unthinkable: Looking In Her Ears. But her fear is excessive, and completely irrational. It's pretty cute too.

Scenario 1
Sitting in the doctor's office, Smoochy looks around and gradually becomes aware that it is, in fact, a doctor's office. She plants her hands firmly over her ears and wails, "No No No No NO!! Hurt-a ears!!! NO NO!!!" After the appointment the receptionists look sympathetically at her. "Oh dear, was it immunisations today?" "No," I reply, "They looked in her ears with a torch."

Scenario 2
Daddy is at the doctor's office, for ElbaPlague has claimed him and he is very sick. After an eternity of waiting, Smoochy Girl falls asleep lying in my arms like a little baby. She is hot and feverish herself. The nurse comes for Daddy who is so sick he is semi-passed-out on the bench seat in the waiting room. Daddy shuffles into the doctor's consulting room and as the nurse passes Smoochy, she gently brushes the tiny child's forehead and asks how she is. Smoochy wakes out of a fitful sleep and clamps her hands over her ears. "No! No hurt-a ears! No no no!"

Scenario 3
Mr de Elba and Smoochy came with me to my appointment with the doctor once we found out that I would be needing a caesarean (I usually go solo to all my appointments.) I looked across at Smoochy.

Hm. They are about to surgically de-pregnate me while I lie flat on my back like a beetle on a card, and she is worried they may look in her ears with a tiny little torch. Hm.


Givinya De Elba said...

Mmm, Mmm. TELL me how hot my husband is!

Crazy Sister said...

Very hot. (For a guy who's laughing at a scared little girl... shame on him!)

Wow that picture's funny!

Femina said...

Your husband is totally hot (especially in the earlier 'pass the parcel' photos). But, frankly, I'm a little unsure of the appropriateness of telling your friend, whom you've never really met, that her husband is a dish. Miss Manners didn't cover that one.

Tracy P. said...

How did you read my mind??? Your whole family is so adorable, that hubby of yours included. He is too young for me so I think you should keep him. (It's a good thing I haven't heard him talk...I might decide he was perfect for me if I heard that Aussie accent!)

Poor Ms. Smoochy. I guess we all have an otoscope of sorts in our lives. I hope she doesn't meet hers again for a LONG time!

Jen said...

A Hottie indeed. And shame on that person for touching your sleeping baby and waking her up!

Swift Jan said...

Sorry, but I have to say that Swift JIm is hotter :P

I have been awaiting the otoscope stories with eager anticiapation!! I wasn't let down!!!
Smoochy is so funny!!!

I wonder if a pretend doctors kit would help? Get her to check your ears at home.... My kids love playing doctors!

Cazbam said...

haha I'd have to say that Luke is the hottest, but (avoiding all innapropriateness) yes, your hubby is attractive. In fact, you are a very attractive family.

Poor Smoochy though, i remember having irrational fears (I still have a couple). Mine used to be that little hammer thing they used to test reflexes. I'd go completely hysterical if the Doc pulled out one of those. So i completely understand where she's coming from, poor little tyke.

♥ bfs - Mimi ♥ said...

I had terrible ear infections growing up. My mother used to put hydrogen peroxide in them to bubble up, then warm 'sweet oil' (refined olive oil). I like the idea of a play doctor kit. That might help her. Poor baby.

Hippomanic Jen said...

I will not allow those who do not actually know you to pretend that there is a particular inappropriateness about saying that Mr de Elba is hot under those circumstances.

What about those who DO, in fact, know Mr de Elba to the point of the odd hug hello/goodbye?

How can I indicate that I find my good friend's hubby hot, without being embarrassed next time we meet?

But the good thing is he's NICE too.

Cazbam said...

In my defence....I only mentioned the "innapropriateness" because i do actually know them.

Givinya De Elba said...

In EVERYONE'S defense, you're all being as polite as you can be, and you'rs saying such nice things too. And falling over your own feet to say it as approporiately as you can.

You are truly great.

Sassy Britches said...

Yaaaay now I can be inappropriate! HOT! :P

Also, Smoochy Girl is too adorable.

As I am sure are the sexy granny undies that you have on your camera--did you ever figure out how to get them removed?