27 March 2008

Better than a Rain Dance

I can make it rain. Truly, I can. All I have to do is put all our bedding (current and spare) out on the deck in the baking sun to kill any possibility of bed bugs, have a quick nap, and when I wake up it's clouded over and rained on the lot. Sorry I don't have a photo to prove this. Getting all the damp woollen blankets inside was my priority. And last night I discovered that a pile of damp woollen blankets is quite a smelly thing to sleep next to.

As I slid all over the slipery deck desperately getting heavy wet blankets and sleeping bags inside, I was dimly aware that I'd just slept through an interview with Sonny Ma-Jiminy's pre-prep teacher about enrolling him after the holidays. (I'd slept so long because I'm now getting sick.)

Then Chubbity Bubbity who was out on the deck with me picked up a drinking glass and dropped it, and started playing in the broken glass (so today failed the blood-and-flames test). Why was there a drinking glass on my deck? Earlier, Sonny Ma-Jiminy decided that Puppity Doggity needed a drink and that she needed it from a drinking glass. In my sore-throat-swollen-glands addled state, I'd forgotten to remove it before we all slept.

Now I'm beginning to see my blog slide slowly downhill. At a time when my readership is increasing (and I'd like to welcome those of you who have joined me over the last few days!!) all I seem to be blogging about is bed bugs and daily tedium. So for those of you who have recently joined and are considering leaving me to live my desperate little life by myself, I'd like you to please visit some of my more interesting posts from my pre-bed-bug days:

That'll get you started. I'll return to that sort of blogging again one day. But just for today, I'll try to dry these smelly blankets!!