01 March 2008

Woman lost under underwear

BREAKING NEWS: Reports are coming in of a 31 year old mother who is currently trapped under a pile of clothes in her living room. It appears that after days of washing clothes and manchester, she failed to fold the items and put them away, collecting them instead in a number of large washing baskets.

Emergency services in are attendance. The co-ordinator of the rescue reported that the trapped woman's voice has been heard on a small microphone lowered down into the clothes pile.

"She was in good spirits, hoping to dig her way out before nightfall," he said. "The main barriers to the rescue now appear to be a bra entangling her arms and a baby's bib lodged in her mouth."

A short time ago a shocked neighbour was interviewed at the scene. "I know that she wastes a lot of time on her computer and drinking coffee," she reported. "She also tends to spend time playing with her kids and, yeah, I admit that folding and putting clothes away is not her forte, but wow - this - nobody should have to endure this. Trapped under her own washing piles like that. Horrible."

Locals and family members have volunteered to help in the rescue efforts. "I'm sure everybody is shocked by the news,'' a spokesman for the family said. "There are some kids and a husband who are looking for answers ... and some clean underwear today.''


Pte Harry Lamin said...

Followed back from my grandfather's blog! (Harry Lamin) thanks for the lovely post which made me smile and the wonderful title. (I actually disagree as anything that destroys a uke can't be all bad)

mommastantrum said...

Oh, THANK YOU!!! This happens here quite often. I too have been known to "waste a lot of time drinking coffee and on the computer!!" So glad to know that things "DOWN UNDER" are the same as here in cloudy Seattle!!
And you are so funny...