29 February 2008


We used to race around attending back-to-back events, unable to decline any invitation (even the ones we dreaded), and filled up every evening and weekend completing a never-ending list of Things To Do That We Didn't Want To Do. We're different now: we treat our Sanity with great respect, never being afraid to cancel something if it will be the difference between being out-of-our-minds frazzled and calm & well-rested.

When life gets too busy, something's gotta give. Take tomorrow for example. Coming hot on the heels of a huge and exhausting week, we SHOULD be at dog training in the morning, and I SHOULD be at the IGNITE Children's Ministry Expo most of the day and Poor Tired Husband SHOULD be looking after Sonny Ma-Jiminy and Chubbity Bubbity while I do that.

But man, we are exhausted. Something tells me that we will be lying low tomorrow. Dog Training is really annoying because the trainers there have no people skills (I'm beginning to wonder if they actually have dog skills anyway) and we always come home totally annoyed, unheard and misunderstood. I'm betting that we won't go, and I'm certain we won't feel guilty at all.

And IGNITE is held so far away from our place - it's such a trek to get there, and the whole deal is most certainly NOT for people who have worked hard all week (inside and outside the home) and have young children. I suspect that I won't go, but I'm pretty sure that I'll burn in guilt over this one given that our Kids Pastor has worked hard all week (yes, inside and outside the home), she has 50% more young children than I do, and she'll most certainly be going for the whole thing. And perhaps she will be a tiny bit justifiably disappointed if I wag it.