26 February 2008

I didn't want to hear that!

Some things you don't want to hear. Like, "I've done a poo, Mummy" (Sonny Ma-Jiminy) or "AAA-CHOOO!!!! Oh, sorry about your mirror" (Crazy Sister, while admiring her beautiful self in MY mirror.)

This morning I heard a new one. It started with Sonny Ma-Jiminy struggling by his little self to put the breakfast cereals and bowls on the table while I was feeding Chubbity Bubbity. I heard him get some bowls out of the cupboard, then SMASSHHH!!! (...tinkle-tinkle.) Then, "Oh dear. I was carrying five and I dropped them."

Turned out to be only 20% as bad as it sounded - he was carrying two and dropped one, but it made the sound of five.

Sonny Ma-Jiminy is getting very hard to handle. He's started a weird shy-thing, which involves going into a sook if people speak to him, try to engage him, give him presents, or in general are too positive about something ordinary. He's not really shy, just a bit petulant. But it's quite rude, and embarrassing for his mother.

Chubbity is beginning to separate from me a little bit. Which means I am able to periodically lose the eight or nine kilos that is her, sitting on my hip. Quicker than diet and exercise.

Since that ghastly day last October when Puppity Doggity bit another dog and I decided I needed a blog to help me vent, we have started taking Puppity Doggity to Obedience classes. Within the first five minutes of the first session, she had bitten another dog. I'm not going to go into HOW bad it was, or HOW much these vet bills will be, but the "word" from the trainers is that this is a Dog Thing, Puppity Doggity is a lovely dog, and we'll train her like crazy and get her socialised.

And of course, the bed bugs continue to bite. I found some spare pillows in a cupboard that really shouldn't have any bed bugs in it. I put a little bit of tea tree oil around the edges and took my chances.

Sleeping on a pillow was better than sleeping on a folded towel, like I did the night before. That was too much like being on camp, when you get back to your cabin late at night after your cabin-mates have gone to sleep, and you decide that accessing your pillow from Wherever-You-Put-It would make too much noise so you decide to sleep on a folded towel instead. Then as you realise that the towel is still damp from the cold shower you had earlier, another latecomer enters the cabin and makes the most awful noise getting ready for bed and you wonder why you didn't just dive in to grab your nice soft dry pillow from Wherever-You-Put-It in the first place.

Well, it hasn't quite been like all that, but it was pretty uncomfortable.