28 March 2008


Some of you have been asking whether my legs have really been left looking as ghastly from the bed bug bites as I have led you to believe.

Well, let me say that these bites have been the itchiest thing I have ever experienced. Over the summer, I have ignored 80% of the itching, biting my lip to stop myself from tearing away at the bites which are driving me mad.

But still, there were many nights when I woke up scratching feverishly, wishing to tear some layers of epidermis off my legs just TO MAKE THE ITCHING STOP.

I have often got up in the middle of the night to literally PAINT calamine lotion all over my legs and lie under the fan, hoping the coolness of the drying calamine would soothe the itch.

As you can imagine, this has not been good for the skin.

You want me to prove it with a photo? Okay.

You want me to take a photo of my own legs and post it on the internet? No way!!!

The best I will give you is this: a picture of some pantyhose model (which I'm NOT) which I have PHOTOSHOPPED to represent my own perception of how my legs look at this current time.

And I warn you, my own perception of my legs might not be quite as bad as the real thing, owing to the fact that I have not been able to bring myself to actually look at my legs in the mirror for about two months now. I am currently in denial.
Artist's impression only - real legs may differ.


mommastantrum said...

Did you try tea tree oil to kill the bed bugs? (Melaluca alternifolia) If you can find a soap with it and wash all the bedding it will kill the bugs FOREVER, and if you can find a soap with it and a lotion or cream it will soothe those bites. Even just the straight dabs of tea tree oil will cure it. That stuff is amazing...I usually always have some on hand for emergencies. You could always fumigate the house too, but then you have to leave for a couple of weeks, then clean EVERYTHING on return, NOT worth it. Good luck with those pests...I am so not jealous of you...but I feel your pain.

Givinya De Elba said...

So glad to hear from you Faith!

I've used tea-tree oil for the bites (you're right- it is good) and I've also used it to keep them out of non-infested rooms. But because it's a repellant, if I use it in the rooms they're in they'll head off and make nests elsewhere, so I'm leaving those rooms to the pest control guys who are using Ficam (a non-repellant).

Sad to hear that in the USA your PCOs can't use Ficam any more. Sounds like good stuff.

Once we're bed-bug-free, I'll take your advice and wash the bedding in tea-tree oil to make sure that any remaining randoms don't come into our new bed!

Thanks for coming over and commenting! I've loved your blog for a while now. You write well, and you make me laugh! Thanks for sharing your bad times too, it helps us all realise that we're just "normal" Mums going through really hard stuff, trying to maske the best of it with the emotional resources we've got! Thinking of you. G de E.

PS I found you through "Life With Jack", who I stumbled across when trying to find out if there were any other Mums blogging about life & boredom, just like me. I found out there were thousands of us!