17 March 2008


Tomorrow is D-Day for bed bugs. Well, it's one of the D-Days for bed bugs. We've already had three, tomorrow will be the fourth, and there may be one or two (or three) after this. But I think we're getting on top of the problem, so there may not be too many after this.

We've been busily evacuating two rooms in order to be finally done with these things. Half-way through the evacuation, our room looked like this... ...and Sonny Ma-Jiminy's looked like this... ...and this is now our current chest of drawers... ...and this is Sonny's... ...and we're pretty much sleeping on and living out of makeshift furniture in multipurpose areas and squashed-up cluttered corners of our home until this whole sordid thing is sorted out. Where did we put our clothes and bedding and books etc from our now bare bedrooms? On the back path in black plastic bags in the sun to kill any bugs that may be living in there... ...and then it rained.


Anonymous said...

I usually read your bed bug updates with my mouth open and a hand covering it (a universally female way to express shared horror) but by the time I got to your clothes bags being rained on I burst into laughter. If it wasn't for the photos I'd swear you were making this up.

On the plus side, I was going to bring you some kid's clothes this weekend, and now I think I might not put you through that.

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh dear, I really am still happy to accept clothes now that I have my system all worked out! My Archive Boxes are working fine and all is well on that front - but the bugs are still bugging me. Perhaps you wouldn't like to leave your lovely clothes in the hands of The Bed Bug Lady?