25 March 2008

I'm Three Now

I had a blogging break over Easter. During this time, Sonny Ma-Jiminy turned three. I will post this quick poem about what it's like having him around, and then I'll slip into blogging hibernation again until I have some reports for work done.

I'm Three Now

I’m such a big boy I can eat spicy food;
I’m too little to greet adults; instead I’ll be rude.
I’m big enough now not to need my sheet;
I’m just a small baby and can’t walk on my feet.

I’m really quite small and can’t eat spicy food;
I’ll charm all the adults cos I’m such a big dude.
I’m a tiny small baby and need my sheet;
Because I’m big now I can walk on my feet.

I’m big and I love a really long shower,
I’m a baby so at dinner I’ll take half an hour,
I’m such a big boy and help Dad mow the lawn,
Don’t ask me to tidy cos I’m only just born.

Babies like me hate having a wash;
I’m big and will eat all my pumpkin and squash.
If I’m invited to help mow, I’ll scream and I’ll yelp.
I can clean up my room ... but demand you all help.


Anonymous said...

Crazy Sister says, next time we get Sonny-Ma-Jimminy together with 4 year old Kindy Kid Cousin we can take them for a forced walk at the shops and see who first declares his legs to be broken.

Kindy Kid also enjoys displaying breathtaking rudeness to friendly shopkeepers, yet attempts to engage uninterested strangers in rambling conversations.