06 March 2008

Too, too weird

I wish to report a theft. A very weird theft.

Yesterday, between the early morning and late in the night, something went missing from my bedroom. The room was shut up the whole day, quarantining the bed bugs from the rest of the house. Sonny Ma-Jiminy and Chubbity Bubbity were at Day Care.

In the morning, my Lovely Mother and I spent some time in there cutting apart the bed base, searching for bed bugs, cleaning the books and dusting the bookshelves, etc.

Then in the mid-afternoon, a Pest Control Guy came and suggested that Lovely Mother move out of the room while he laid powder to kill the bed bugs. Ten minutes later, he emerged and the room remained shut up until late at night, when I discovered that something was missing.

Something weird.

It was ... er-hr'm ... a quantity of ... hmm.

Okay. It was a number of the things that the shops call "personal hygiene products." Sold in the aisle that men avoid, and if they have to go there, they walk very quickly.

Now I ask you - isn't that weird? I quizzed Handsome Husband late last night - no idea. I called Lovely Mother early this morning - no idea. The children are ruled out. I was not involved.

This only leaves a Pest Control Guy and a load of dying bed bugs as the culprits.

Too, too weird.


sister said...

I've heard that a certain type of 'personal hygeine product' is useful to have if one is inflicted by a bullet wound, and find myself wondering if Pest Control Guy was expecting to be shot on the way home from work. Highly likely, if he often tells frazzled housewives that they literally have to live with bugs literally forever.

Givinya De Elba said...

Very funny my friend. Different pest guy, not the "Literally" one. This one looked like Hansie Cronje and started the visit being very reticent to SPEAK, and ended with a huge smile on his face and was a lot more forthcoming with expressive language. Made me wonder what he'd DONE in my room to change his mood so quickly?! Hmm.